First virtual reality water slide in the United States in Kalahari

Enjoy sliding and sliding through a virtual reality experience at a water park in the Poconos.

MOUNT POCONO, Pa .: You can glide through a fire-breathing dragon, approach a cheetah, or fly through space. Be sure to wear the swimsuit because this virtual fun is all done with a water slide.

“I love it. It’s amazing how well it works and its functions are amazing. At first it’s a little scary, but it’s nice,” said Linda Lux, Kalahari.

Kalahari Resort, near Mount Pocono, is now home to the first virtual reality water slide in the United States.

The resort in the municipality of Pocono partnered with a company called Ballast Technologies Incorporated to make this happen.

“As you run down the real water slide, you feel the falls of virtual reality. You see space, safari, dragons and it really is a kind of magical combination of elements that are a very exciting experience,” said Stephen Greenwood, the CEO of Ballast.

An already established water slide, the Anaconda, is where you can find this fun.

Here’s how it works: Choose a virtual reality world, headphones are scanned and stuck to your head. Then you leave.

Some lucky lifeguards were among the first to try the virtual experience.

“Oh, it was amazing. You see, it’s an indescribable experience because you see a lot of things. You felt amazing. It’s exciting to be there,” said Holman Orocco, a Kalahari lifeguard.

For $ 14.99 per person, you can enjoy the virtual reality slide all day in Kalahari. Just add it to your water park ticket.

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