First virtual reality water slide to reach the Poconos

Personally, I stay away from any kind of virtual reality material. If you’d like to throw me some virtual reality headphones, let me tell you, you’ll know what I’ve been eating for the last few hours. Nothing hurts my movement, but anything that has virtual reality really makes me sick.

That said, if you’re the complete opposite of me and like to do anything that requires a virtual reality headset, you may want to go to the Kalahari Resort in Poconos.

According to Philly Voice, the Poconos will have the first water slide that will allow you to “experience an African safari, an alien encounter or a castle with fire-breathing dragons.” To be able to see the African safari, the meeting of foreigners or the castle with dragons that breathe fire, you will have to wear virtual reality headphones.

This is news to us, but apparently, National Water Park Day is July 29th. Philly Voice claimed that Kalahari Resorts will release the virtual reality slide that same day.

This is pretty cool.

If you’ve been to the Kalahari Resort, at the Poconos mansion, you’ll notice that everything stays the same. The only change made is where you will find the new virtual reality slide that will be when you try to go with the Anaconda water slide.

The YouTube video shared by Ballast VR shows that the headphones will have some sort of smart sensor. You’ll find a docking station that lets you choose which of the VR slides you want to make.

Philly Voice announced that Ballast VR is the company that has teamed up with Kalahari Resorts to make this first virtual reality water slide a reality.

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