Founder of QUP in body positivity and a sustainable wardrobe

QUP, an online fashion styling company based in the United States, currently brings to its users’ living room a global list of style experts from Portland (USA), Manchester (UK), Pastoia ( IT) and Delhi NCR (IN). How blockades have turned out around the world in a permanent shift to online shopping -virtual fashion education, they also have personalized style services it is expanding rapidly in the market. With more than 20 years of experience in international education in the executive administrative field of numerous universities, founder Marie Quinn took her business acumen and influenced online fashion style during the pandemic. He joined forces with his experienced industry sister, Brandi Quinn, who has a portfolio of work styles in Hollywood for productions like The Hunger Games to Stranger Things. FashionUnited recently chatted on video with Marie Quinn, about how QUP’s mission is to “style the light” by fostering self-love, body positivity and helping its customers save costs and even become a most sustainable fashion man.

Global enrichment

Taken from Quinn’s global travel training, she believes that the perception of the world and of themselves can be enriched through cultural exchange. The most memorable moment that came out of his comfort zone was on a trip to Beijing. Being thrown into a completely different reality where language, habits and people were so different from what used to make an eternal impact. That is why, even at the beginning of the founding of QUP, it wanted to bring stylists from all over the world closer to its users. In this way, QUP members can also experience this international exchange of fashion and style from the comfort of their home.

Custom style sessions

When the user selects a stylist, they will have around three virtual sessions with the selected fashion expert. After a detailed questionnaire and going one-on-one with the client, the QUP stylist will develop a plan on how to get the look the client is looking for. Through trial and error, QUP found that for some people fashion and style are a very personal issue that can uncover insecurities. Therefore, these sessions allow the stylist and member to get to know each other, establish relationships and be comfortable. The fashion consultant will then identify and customize the style tips that suit each client.

Body positivity and self-love

During the uncertainty of the pandemic, Quinn realized that her spirits increased when Brandi helped her express her true self through fashion. Feeling confident, finding beauty in imperfections, accepting flaws are all lessons many of us have learned when reflecting on ourselves during the impending closures. QUP wants to continue towards this new found force of self-love and join in fostering the current dialogue of bodily positivity with its global network of style experts.

Marie Quinn told FashionUnited: “We keep our services affordable and offer a new level of trust that everyone can access. One of the key attributes of our service is to focus on positive body image and self-confidence. In the end, we want our customers to feel great about themselves, no matter what clothes they have. “

Sustainable perspectives: less is more

QUP style consultants first go through each client’s closet, help clutter, and retain the basic pieces. “Less is more” is a motto of the company and Quinn says her fashion experts can help users reduce costs and promote a more sustainable shopping perspective after the initial three sessions. QUP’s tailor-made services focus on minimizing purchases by using basic items in the customer’s closet. Members will also learn how to choose key accessories and make smart purchases in the long run.

Education: How to make second-hand shops, reuse fashion

However, the importance of education is also part of QUP’s style mission drawn from Quinn’s previous career. Information guides on second-hand and reuse basic parts are uploaded to their social channels. In the latest video, Quinn documents a trip to Goodwill and how she bought a pair of black Jessica Simpson pumps to tan boots that she never wore perfect for spring.


This interview was created in collaboration with QUP to promote fashion work.

Photos: courtesy of QUP, QUP website

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