Gabe Newell believes virtual reality is “a long journey” for Valve, talks about the success of “Steam Deck”

Gabe Logan Newell, co-founder and president of Valve, recently spoke with Imagine Games Network on the occasion of the launch of Steam Deck. Steam Deck is Valve’s new portable handheld device that claims to deliver PC-like gaming performance. In the conversation, Newell says Valve has always seen virtual reality as a long-term project.

Virtual reality in the early stages of development

In a conversation with IGN, the president of Valve said: “With virtual reality, we hope that it will be a very long journey and that there are fundamentally important technologies that are being developed, and if at some point you are narrowly defining the goals and saying “how’s this going against the latest CS: GO update?” You’ll always end up making bad decisions based on that. ” In addition, Newell also talks about the success of Valve Index and Steam Deck saying, “Our assumption is that these are long-term decisions we are making about how we contribute to the health and vitality of this ecosystem, and always we will succeed as long as this continues. “

That’s not to say that current VR devices on the market aren’t good. Oculus and Valve Index, owned by Facebook, are devices capable of delivering a high-end VR experience for PC. Newell also adds that the success of the valve index has helped the company think about what needs to be done next and how to improve the immersive virtual reality gaming experience. With what the president of Valve said, it is clear that virtual reality is not limited to rectangular boxes tied around the head, and that much remains to come in the near future.

Speaking of the core ideology behind Valve gaming devices, Newell says, “Many of the technologies we’ve developed and some of these other hardware devices, such as the game controller, apply directly to this: the learning curve must be zero “. It refers to the nature of the gaming device that can already be used, which makes them successful. In the current era, an ideal gaming device will be easy to use. Even if the user is holding a device for the first time, the controls and functions will be easy to identify and use.

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