Gamasutra – Press Releases: Multiuser arrives at Painting VR with the official version of Oculus Store in early 2022

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Ghent, Belgium, August 18, 2021: Developer Oisoi announced that he will launch his Sim Painting VR art painting game in the official Oculus store with a multiplayer system that allows users to paint together and share their work. Painting VR will also provide educational tools for art teachers and platform for artists to gain visibility of their work in the metaverse.

Painting VR was launched in early access on May 5, 2021 and, after three months, had over 8,000 users worldwide. The simulator combines several creation tools into one (its users can create paintings, sketches or graffiti in virtual reality) and offers a very realistic experience, although it is easy to use and understand for all ages. It requires no artistic experience, making it a perfect tool not only for artists, but also for people who want to learn to paint or just want to relax with an unlimited supply of paint.

By adding the multiplayer system, Oisoi aims to bring users together in a low-level international art scene: Painting VR World. It will provide a platform not only for personal expression, but also for education: art teachers can use it to do group classes or individual lessons at a distance. The multi-user feature will also allow artists to organize virtual exhibitions or virtual reality studio tours.

After the early release of the game, Painting VR World began to take shape immediately, in the form of a community in Discord. More and more people started showing their work, encouraged by the words, tips and tricks of others. Artists like Out of Compass (BR) used Painting VR to create art that they successfully sold as NFT, others like Ese Wey (MEX) became Tik Tok hits sharing videos of their painting process. It is logical to bring all these people together in virtual reality now ”., says Wim Reygaert, founder of Oisoi. “Through the implementation of the multiplayer system, users will not only be able to create and display their work, but also see that of others, play together, learn together and share information, experience and inspiration among themselves. And they will never have to worry about cleaning up afterwards. ”

A crowdfunding campaign will be launched on Kickstarter on September 1 to support the planned launch of the simulator in early 2022.

RV coloring in the Oculus App Lab:

About the developer:

Oisoi is a small VR game studio based in Ghent, Belgium, with the mission of implementing new ways to create and tell stories in and about metavers: a digital world where people can play, take digital classes, go to virtual concerts or build and explore together. Since 2019, the studio has created a wide variety of products, such as digital resources for theater, virtual worlds for artists and even virtual reality training experiences for the aviation industry.

Painting VR is the first own production.

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