Grameen Foundation India launches Tech4 inclusion challenge

New Delhi, (Delhi) [India], August 9 (ANI / View News): The Grameen India Foundation (GFI) recently launched an augmented reality-based solution to improve literacy and financial inclusion. The challenge is to invite technology startups working in augmented reality / virtual reality technologies to find innovative solutions to the challenges of digital and financial inclusion for low-income people, especially women. Cheers.

At the virtual launch event, Technology for Growth and Inclusion, there was a fascinating discussion about the scope and use of AR / VR technology in the field of financial inclusion.

GFI CEO Prabhat Labh welcomed participants: “Technology can play a key role in inclusive growth and development, and Grameen is focused on providing scalable solutions that affect excluded populations. I am.” “The challenge is an opportunity for entities working in the areas of augmented reality and machine learning to design mobile applications to provide financial insight,” he added.

The first session was hosted by Shivangi Jain, Vice President of Startup India, an initiative of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Government of India. Emphasizing India’s achievements in the field of financial inclusion through its innovative PMJDY scheme, “India has done a lot in this area, but India does not yet have millions of bank accounts. There were people and there was a Gramin initiative to help tech startups work. This space is fantastic. ”He encouraged technology startups to take advantage of the different Startup India schemes.

At the inauguration, Chief of Operations Gaurav Chakraverty spoke about using state-of-the-art solutions for the community. After the first session, the next round table took place. AmbarishMitra, CEO of Blippar; Accenture, senior director of RD, Nataraj Kuntagod. Pankaji Mishra, co-founder of Factor Daily. Pradeep Kanna, president of the VR / AR association. Basix Sub-K CEO Sasidhar Thumuluri; and Sucharita Eashwar, founder of the Catalyst for Women Entrepreneurship (CWE). Speakers discussed that it is essential to focus on users and their needs and create technological solutions that act as facilitators in the context of the region.

Dipika Prasad, representative of the last mile money, introduced the concept of human-centered design and explained how this can help create a desirable, viable and viable solution.

Developed under the RA Challenge, the mobile app will have the financial support of Grameen and deployed by the network of business correspondents to provide financial knowledge to its customers. This launch event was organized by Grameen Foundation India in collaboration with the Business Correspondent Federation of India (BCFI), Blippar, Global Mindset, IDEO, Last Mile Money, 10,000 startups and the VR / ARA Association. Check out the details of the app on the Startup India website (as part of the phone call, GFI prototyped the idea with the help of a human-centered design agency and finally selected the grand prize winner.5 Two organizations will be the finalists.The team will receive an award to fully develop the application, which will be implemented by BC partners affiliated with GFI.

GFI is exploring new eras of technological use for training and learning to help users learn different concepts of financial products and services.

The Grameen Foundation India is a major socially influential organization working on financial inclusion, agriculture-based livelihoods, health and nutrition initiatives, which enables the poor, especially women, to overcome poverty and hunger. That is my mission. Inspired by the work of Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, Grameen has worked with India’s leading development organizations to devise and innovate innovative solutions to reach unassisted people, especially women. , Offering work to expand. Under the BEADS (Business Correspondent Network Experiments and Demonstrating Scale) project, Grameen promotes the productivity, efficiency, and profitability of business correspondent networks, ultimately, for low-income communities of at least 250,000 people, especially women. . Our goal is to promote financial inclusion and empowerment. As part of this project, Grameen is looking for ways to make financial literacy more enjoyable and engaging through the use of augmented reality technology.

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