Grant donated to Denver museums to preserve black history

The National Trust is awarding $ 3 million in grants to 40 locations across the country, two of which are in Denver.

DENVER – The African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund has recently awarded $ 3 million to 40 sites to help preserve black history. Two local groups – History Colorado and the Black American West Museum and Heritage Center – received $ 50,000 in grants to help preserve African American landmarks.

“I think there were over 500 applications and we were one of 40 agencies awarded,” said Daphne Rice-Allen, chair of the Black American West board. “The funds we receive go to the development of the council, governance (and) training“.

The Black American West Museum is located in the Five Points neighborhood of Denver, located in a house that was owned by Dra. Justina Ford. She helped give birth to 7,000 newborns during her 50-year career. It’s a part of Colorado history that Rice-Allen said was almost forgotten after the doctor’s death.

“[She] he was the first licensed black doctor here in Colorado from 1902 to 1952, ”Rice-Allen said. “The building was originally at 23 and Arapahoe and was scheduled for demolition several years after his death.”

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Over the past four years, the National Trust has funded 105 historic sites related to black history and invested more than $ 7.3 million to help preserve landscapes and buildings steeped in black life, humanity, and cultural heritage. This year’s funds have been awarded to key sites and organizations that help the Action Fund protect and restore significant historic sites.

“In Colorado, we have this incredibly rich black heritage statewide,” said Dawn DiPrince, head of operations at History Colorado. “I think one of the things that surprises people all over the country is that there’s this incredibly rich black history in the American West and Colorado is a good example of that.”

History Colorado is the second group in the state to receive money from the fund. The museum plans to create a statewide African-American heritage route that will include virtual reality-based bookmarks through a phone app in historic Black destinations.

“We’re going to develop the whole statewide concept by making sure we include all the places and places,” DiPrince said. “It’s really a great way to tell stories that haven’t been told and bring new knowledge to people and understand all the rich diversity that is Colorado.”

Both Rice-Allen and DiPrince agree that funds for preservation are important for people to remember the rich history of blacks in the West.

“It’s good to be able to finally get the recognition for being a viable museum in the community,” Rice-Allen said. “We are all part of what makes this state and this country great.”

For a full list of winners, click here.

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