Grid Raster Inc. awarded the U.S. Air Force’s Phase II SBIR contract to improve wiring and maintenance of Osprey CV-22 aircraft through augmented reality

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Announced Grid Raster Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based extended reality (XR) platforms that drive high-performance, scalable augmented reality (AR) / virtual reality (VR) / mixed reality (MR) experiences for companies. today that the United States Air Force (USAF) awarded Grid Raster a Phase II SBIR contract to improve the maintenance of aircraft wiring. This project will support the USAF’s CV-22 Osprey fleet of aircraft by providing a set of high-precision augmented reality (RA) tools.

The complexity of USAF aircraft wiring continues to increase with the launch and deployment of advanced communications, integrated aircraft survival systems, and aircraft data collection systems. Maintenance technicians must maintain extraordinarily complex wiring, routing, clamping and reduction facilities and must be familiar with all variants of the systems. With V-22 variants expected to be in service from 2040, capacity improvements and preparedness initiatives are program priorities, not only for the USAF, but also for the Marine Corps and the Marina.

As part of the Phase II effort, Grid Raster Inc. will develop a high-precision AR Toolset prototype based on a scalable open system XR infrastructure and test and evaluate system capability to facilitate repair and maintenance of CV-22 engine nacelle wiring. Wiring from the USAF CV-22 gondola has been a major degradation of readiness accounting for approximately 60% of the overall maintenance effort. The solution proposed by GridRaster will allow CV-22 maintainers to troubleshoot, repair, and train more efficiently in the operating environment.

“We are excited to work with the United States Air Force and specifically with the CV-22 program office at NAS PAX River.” said Rishi Ranjan, CEO and founder of GridRaster. “We are looking forward to offering an affordable AR toolkit based on an open system infrastructure, through pattern recognition and providing accurate and intuitive visual overlays of complex cabling installations, routing, clamp placements and reduction in relationship with surrounding components and structures. With the proposed solution, our goal is to solve the need for the CV-22 wiring maintenance mission, reducing maintenance working hours, eliminating errors and improving the installation accuracy of aircraft wiring harnesses in congested spaces on the plane, offering a solution that can be scaled perfectly. to support other avionics systems and aircraft variants. ”

For this endeavor, GridRaster will partner with Avatar Partners, Inc., which specializes in the development of military-grade immersive XR training solutions and job assistance solutions. to provide a complete solution. GridRaster will provide the core underlying software infrastructure with high-fidelity, low-latency remote rendering, high-precision 3D artificial intelligence (AI) and deployment, and agile operations using DevSecOps; while Avatar Partners will design and develop RA applications for CV-22 cabling maintenance.

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