Grimes says his new song is about “having to defeat Azealia Banks when she tried to destroy my life”

Grimes has released several new songs during the set of the Australian virtual reality festival Splendor XR.

During the set at 3.30pm BST on Sunday 25 July (12.30pm AEST Monday 26 July), christened the Grimes Metaverse (Super Beta) ensemble, the artist performed five unreleased tracks: ‘Shinigami Eyes’, ‘Love Is A Drug From God ’with Chris Lake,‘ 100 Percent Tragedy ’,‘ Utopia ’and‘ Player of Games ’. Some of the clues had been previously teased by Grimes on social media.

The set was also streamed to his Discord server. Listen to the full set below:

In “100 Percent Tragedy,” Grimes told Discord that the clue was “about having to defeat Azealia Banks when she tried to destroy my life,” referring to a 2018 incident when Banks allegedly spent days at his home. ‘Elon Musk, making accusations against him on social media. media.

How Stereogum Banks reportedly responded quickly to the new song, saying “Grimes def has some psychosexual obsession with me.”

“I think it’s bitter because it doesn’t have the musical capacity I have. Everything I do is by pretension and it comes out like that … while everything I do is by the nature of lmaoo’s genius and genius, ”he said in a now deleted Instagram story.

“Beginning to Notice All the Strange Millennial Covert Racists Hiding in Discord.”

In previous months, Grimes described her follow-up to the 2020 Miss Anthropocene as a “space opera” centered around an AI lesbian.

“It’s a space opera about CLAIRE DE LUNE: an artificial courtesan who was implanted in a simulation that is a reminder of the story of AI’s creation on earth from the brain of the engineer who invented AI because he wants to return to live his life, but to see if his perfect dream girl could teach him to love and therefore preserve humanity this time instead of letting them disappear in the dark, defeated by machines, ”he said. dir Grimes.

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