Guide to staying home for Tuesday: create your own augmented reality, prepare easy accompaniments and more, Life News and Highlights

1. Play: augmented reality with children

With the AR Makr app on the iPad, kids can make their own augmented reality projects. ST PHOTO: EDDINO ABDUL HADI

Recently, I had a lot of fun with my eight-year-old daughter with AR Makr, an easy-to-use, feature-packed app that lets you create your own augmented reality masterpieces.

You can start with your own drawing (we use the iPad’s Keynote app), take a photo, or download an image and convert it from a 2D virtual object to a 3D one.

Through the iPad’s camera, you see this creation “come to life” in the real world, using your home as a backdrop.

You can also check out other educational and child-friendly activities on the Apple Learning From Home website.

Information: Download it from the Apple App Store

2. Clock: a legend of music

Former beatle Paul McCartney takes an in-depth look at what he fell for when he and his bandmates wrote and sang classics. PHOTO: DISNEY +

Music icon Paul McCartney had a lasting impact on popular music with the Beatles in the 1960s.

In the recently released McCartney 3.2 documentary series, the 79-year-old analyzes in depth what happened when he and his bandmates – Ringo Starr and the late John Lennon and George Harrison – wrote and sang classics like Let It Be and Yither.

The six episodes, shot in black and white, feature McCartney’s conversations with another key figure in rock music, producer Rick Rubin.

In one episode, McCartney talks about how experiences, such as the Beatles’ 1968 trip to India, influenced the evolution of the band’s sound. He also talks about his extensive post-Beatles work, playing his solo releases and his 1970s band, Wings.

Information: Visit the Disney + website

3. Explore: virtual festival with Southeast Asian creatives

Prominent Singaporeans include award-winning designer Theseus Chan, who designed the festival’s new logo. PHOTO: PORSCHE

The new edition of Scopes, Driven By Porsche, which premiered in Berlin in 2018, is moving online and includes works by trend-setting creators from across Southeast Asia.

The festival consists of documentaries, workshops, podcasts, live interactive panels and talks by personalities from the fields of art, design, music, lifestyle and sustainability.

Notable Singaporeans include award-winning designer Theseus Chan, who designed the new Scopes logo; and singer-songwriter Narelle Kheng, a former member of the pop band The Sam Willows.

The Porsche sports car manufacturer’s festival will also feature personalities such as Ms. Lorin Winata, founder of Asia’s first non-alcoholic snack brand, Melati Drinks, made with Indonesian wellness tonics; and Dr. Ayesha Khanna, chief executive of ADDO AI, a Singapore-based artificial intelligence and incubator advisory firm.

Information: Visit the Scopes website

4. Comfortable kitchen: garnishes without vegetables

Chilled vegetables can be prepared in advance. ST PHOTO: HEDY KHOO

For vegetable recipes that require minimal cooking, regularly resort to healthier Korean-style dishes of sigeumchi namul (seasoned spinach) and sukju namul (seasoned bean sprouts).

Unlike stir-fries, these refrigerated side dishes are easy to prepare and can be made early.

So when dinner rolls around, all I have to do is take the seasoned vegetables out of the fridge and put them on the plate.


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