Head, Set and Go: Virtual reality apps are your ticket to this holiday season: The New Indian Express

There is no vaccine passport yet and the Indians have been a zero trip. Worse, with the impending third wave, the rest of the year looks the same. But where there is an invoice in the portfolio, there is a way. Cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) applications have been rescued in the form of armchair travel.

Get a 4.1 smartphone (check the settings to find out the version) and put on the compatible headset. VR headsets range from Rs 299 (Reliance Digital SHINECON VR Play G-04 3D Virtual Reality Headset) to Rs 39,000 (Rs 39,000 All-in-One Virtual Reality Headphones 2.64 GB).

Google Earth VR: This app promises to help us fly over the top of the Eiffel Tower or enter Disney World just by pressing and dragging the controller. It even promises to take you to see a certain place in Alberta, Canada, where a natural formation of the earth looks like a person’s face. Google Earth promises a ride through the Hoover Dam in Arizona and Florence Cathedral in Florence, Italy.

In fact, you can even zoom in on the backyard of the ranch house of your most hated cousin in Chicago that has been boasted about. These applications use aerial photography, satellite imagery, 3D topography, geographic data and street view to provide us with an immersive experience. Not in vain, the technological world believes that virtual reality is the future.

Feather VR: It has interesting 360 degree photos and videos related to travel. Technology lovers are welcomed because this app not only offers views of popular destinations, such as helicopter rides around New York City, but also allows you to explore the different parts of the cruise. Like a social networking application, creators from more than 160 countries also offer you more options and the chance to visit lesser-known places.

Within VR: This application, also a portal, allows you to consult destinations even without a set of virtual reality. However, you need a WebVR platform to enjoy it. The video titled “Restless in Hong Kong” is considered one of the best travel RV videos of this season.

You can choose to watch recorded or real-time videos.

Expedia Virtual Tours

The platform has selected a list of experiences for travelers in categories such as food, art, museums, culture, etc. It is best enjoyed when you look at it on the big smart TV screen. Some experiences are paid. For example, it costs $ 180 for a one-hour live experience entitled “Cooking Like a Roman Grandmother.” To do this, you need to keep the ingredients ready to attach it to the kitchen.

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