Heli Austria adopts two virtual reality training simulators

The Robinson R22 training solution will be used to modernize the basic training of helicopter pilots within the Academy. The Airbus H125 simulator will allow the training and testing of commercial pilots. All this improves flight safety, is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Roy Knaus, CEO of Heli Austria, said: “Heli Austria is constantly looking for innovative solutions to improve flight safety throughout the helicopter industry. Reducing environmental pollution is another of the company’s goals. With the VRM Switzerland training solution, we have found a product that also supports our efforts in a cost-effective way ”.

Creating a full body immersion training experience

The VRM Switzerland system creates a full body dive. It gives the pilot the feeling of being seated in a real helicopter. The highly dynamic movement platform allows the rider to accurately feel the best changes in attitude and touchdown on the ground. A numerical simulation allows the realistic representation of the flight behavior.

The cabin is based on the actual helicopter. Pilot movements are displayed in the VR environment, allowing the operation of the cockpit, including haptic perception. In addition, the software is optimized for VR glasses. This has the great advantage that the pilot has exactly the same visual representation as in the real helicopter, which is unique.

It covers a wide range of training options, from commercial pilot training to special operations such as external sling loading operations. Various emergency procedures can be performed, including automatic rotations with landing and tail rotor failure, without any risk. In addition, the 360-degree and 3D visualization system allows for demanding mission training to improve the skills of even highly experienced pilots.

Meanwhile, Air Lama, Horizon Helicopters and Heli Austria have forged a worldwide alliance to conduct firefighting missions in Chile with the H215.

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