Home builders in Ireland get the “Wow” factor through virtual reality

Thousands of Irish builders use virtual reality to improve the design of their home and save time and money.

For many people building a new home, two-dimensional plans for a building can be difficult to visualize.

Visualizing the actual space that a room will consist of is very important for home builders, so that they can avoid post-construction discoveries, such as that there is more or less space than they anticipated.

But for those embarking on the house building journey, Virtual Teic has a revolutionary solution to this lack of spatial awareness that many struggle with.

Virtual Teic creates computer models of houses and other 3D buildings for customers so they can see what their building will look like before they start building or renovating or expanding.

With the model furnished on the computer and the 3D viewing experience with walls, windows and doors, it is much easier for people who renovate or build to see what the finished product will look like.

There is also the added option of being able to wear virtual reality glasses and tour the computer model, and this has been a revelation for all Virutal Teic customers so far.

The company is run by Paul McMahon, who moved to Ireland from Scotland 20 years ago. His training is in graphic design, specifically in web design, but also in design for printing.

“For the past few years, I’ve been working with 3D software building architectural computer models for real estate agents and architects,” Paul explained.

“For the past two years I have been building architectural 3D computer models for home builders, house building families, architects and professional builders.”

Speaking about how he came up with the business idea, Paul said he saw how technology had advanced in recent years and how the price of computer hardware and software had come down in relation to more powerful computer processing. .

“The opportunity to create online models and models that can use virtual reality so that normal people can pass it on,” he said.

“I thought this would be a better tool for customers to use virtual reality to see the building as it looks before they start building, thus saving money, stress and time when they are going to build. It is easier to change something in the computer model than when building the house! ”

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