How to add Windows Desktop to your SteamVR games

SteamVR now offers an even more immersive and intuitive user experience, as it allows users to view other applications without impairing immersion.

Valve has now added a feature that allows you to put windows and desktop apps in your view during virtual reality games so they are always in sight. The feature appears in the latest version of SteamVR 1.19.6. Initially, Steam only allowed you to use Big Picture mode for virtual reality headsets that had a lot of problems, meaning that the feature is used with large TVs, not VR, which makes virtual reality look like an idea. rear. Finally, Steam launched SteamVR, which was a welcome sign for virtual reality enthusiasts everywhere, adding new levels of immersion and use for virtual reality headsets.

Recently, Steam has expanded its virtual reality functionality, adding the ability to view different application windows through the virtual reality dashboard. Now there’s also the ability to connect different apps to your drivers, which means software like Spotify or different chat apps can still be seen while using virtual reality. This, combined with the more than 200 virtual reality experiences available on Steam, means the platform is a starting point for many virtual reality enthusiasts for games and other applications.

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In this new version, you can now choose to connect an application window to the driver, as it was added in the last update, or you can now boot it using the Move button to let the software appear in your view at all moment. The update also updates SteamVR’s virtual user interface by improving the field of view that allows users to see more of their apps, reducing the amount of scrolling.

A new level of immersion

The update is currently in beta and you will eventually see a larger version. However, if you want to choose to do beta testing of SteamVR and use 1.19.6, you can go to your VR games and right-click. Then select the properties, then select the beta tab. In the drop-down list, you can select the beta update of Steam VR, and from there, just wait for Steam to update so you can enjoy these exciting new features.

This latest update also comes with a lot of updates that can make any virtual reality game much more accessible without making it difficult to dive. You can keep Discord open on your wrist while browsing similarly to Spotify while floating before you need to close apps. It also opens up a world of opportunities for people who want to stream Twitch, interact with their audience, and continue with any game they’re playing. Oculus headphones already had similar features before Steam he adopted them for high praise, so it’s good that other RV developers are following the same.

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