How to Browse the Web in Oculus Quest 2

He Oculus Quest 2 has revolutionized virtual reality over the past year by allowing the average consumer access to virtual reality content for a relatively low entry price. Oculus Quest content is extensive, including RV video games, RV videos, and even RV experiences on the Internet.

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While experiencing all that Oculus Quest 2 has to offer, you may be interested in exploring the Internet either for common reasons or for exciting new virtual reality experiences. Luckily, Oculus has created its own browser that lets you watch RV videos, browse social media, and browse websites with ease. Here’s how to search the web for Oculus Quest 2.

Access a comfortable place and make sure there are no objects around you


While doing an internet search is an easy task, doing it in virtual reality can make you hit your head or hands if there are objects in your play space. You may need to adjust your head to see a webpage better or move your hand while typing with the driver, so make sure there are no objects that you may collide with while immersed in Oculus Quest 2 headphones.

Find the Oculus browser application


Unlike other game consoles, Oculus has created a unique browser called Oculus Browser that comes preinstalled on all Oculus Quest 2 headphones. To access this app, make sure the headphones are connected to a WiFi source and search for the application in the search bar.

Type “Oculus Browser” into the search bar and you’ll quickly find the app. Select the application with the driver and it will launch you immediately on the home page of the Oculus browser as long as you have a stable internet connection. Another way to access the Oculus browser is through the application list page, however, you’ll need to scroll through the rest of the applications and games to access it.

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How to Search the Internet Within the Oculus Browser

screenshot of oculus_browser_homepage_screen

There are many websites that you may want to search while using the Internet, including guides that can help you solve puzzles or combat tests in your virtual reality video games. Once you’ve accessed the Oculus browser app, you’ll see some major websites on the menu so you can do quick searches. These include social networking websites such as Facebook and Instagram, among other common web pages.

If none of these websites are what you are looking for, then type in the search bar above these quick links to find any website on the internet. You can also create bookmarks for websites to quickly return to during the next internet search session by selecting the bookmark icon while browsing a webpage. Bookmarks appear on the Oculus browser home page.

How to access virtual reality mode for videos

oculus_browser_experiences_web website

With virtual reality becoming more popular, many people are creating websites with videos that you can watch in VR 180 or 360. However, you don’t immediately see how to access virtual reality mode when you’re on web pages with a virtual reality video .

The Oculus browser lets you enter RVs by selecting the headset icon in the lower sidebar of the video screen, similar to where the play / pause and volume adjustment icons are in a YouTube video.. After selecting this icon, you will be transported to virtual reality, and even Oculus has some internet videos that you can experience in RV with this method that are on the homepage of the Oculus browser.

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