How to get iPhone notifications in VR with Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest 2 receives notifications from the iPhone and is great when played (usually).

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I am in the middle of a very important virtual reality minigolf game. Suddenly, of course, I feel a familiar slack pinging. It changes my wrist. But I can’t see the clock. However, I can see a pop-up window showing me the message. Now I know I can ignore it a little more and finish my putt.

Virtual reality can be incredibly immersive, but its main drawback is that it separates information from anywhere else. A recent update and Facebook Oculus Quest This spring’s software now allows iPhone owners to receive their notifications in virtual reality. So far it has been an extremely comfortable and strangely de-stressing tool. I no longer need to worry about what I might be missing and I have a quick idea of ​​whether the headphones should be removed as soon as possible.

There are disadvantages. Notifications can be viewed in virtual reality, but can’t be answered, and of course the apps that sent the notification can’t be opened (my iOS apps don’t run on Oculus VR because Oculus has the his application library.) And sometimes the Bluetooth connection can be a little weird. Also, virtual reality interruptions may not be what you are looking for when immersing yourself in another world. And that, unfortunately, is only for iPhone. Android support should arrive sometime, but it’s unclear when.

I still love that this feature has been added and I think it’s an essential step towards where the screens should be connected to the phone. If you’re ready to connect your Quest for iOS notifications, here’s how to set it up.

Make sure your Oculus Quest operating system is up to date. Under Headset Quest, go to About, then check for Software Update and see if you’re running the latest version (right now around 30.1). If there is an “Update” button, click on it.

Enable notifications from the Oculus app. On the iPhone, go to the Oculus app and pair them with the Quest headphones. The phone app is the one used to set up the Quest in the first place and is where the notification settings live. Click the “Devices” icon at the bottom of the app, make sure the Quest headset appears paired (it may take a while), and then tap “Phone Notifications” in the settings list and make sure phone notifications are turned on. . Changes for individual apps are also shown, so you can authorize specific apps that have recently (or not) received iOS notifications. Also check your Bluetooth settings on iOS and make sure Oculus Quest has the “Share system notifications” option turned on.

In the mission, go to Settings and turn on phone notifications. In the “Notifications” section of Quest settings, go to Phone Notifications and turn them on. You can also turn specific messages or applications on and off. I’d rather have it all turned on, but you have options.

Let’s see if it works! I found I had to restart Quest and my iPhone once, but I usually get notifications. And so far it’s pretty useful, like bringing an old-school Pebble basic smartwatch to my virtual reality face.

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