How to get to your destination before you really arrive? Audi gives a glimpse of virtual reality

Audi will be showcasing its virtual reality (VR) glasses in the car at the 2021 Munich IAA car show, which offers the possibility for rear-seat passengers to travel to virtual worlds or immerse themselves in games, movies and presentations. . Audi says that when cars become more autonomous in the future and drivers no longer have to focus on driving, they will even be able to enjoy things like reading, watching movies or playing through virtual reality.

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The new technology, created in collaboration with the start of Holoride technology entertainment, is combined with virtual reality content with real-time driving movements. For example, if the car takes a right curve, the virtual world spacecraft will also fly to the right side. If the car accelerates, the spacecraft also accelerates.

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Audi explains that the real-time fusion of vehicle movement with virtual reality content also helps reduce car sickness among passengers who tend to feel unwell while reading a book or participating in electronic tablets inside the car.

Holoride works to advance and market this technology to different manufacturers. The virtual reality platform also allows multiple content developers to create additional extended reality formats. Holoride has released the “so-called” elastic software development kit (SDK) on its private development holoride creation space. The Elastic SDK gives developers access to tools to create immersive gaming experiences and entertainment formats for a better in-car experience.

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Elastic content is a new category of supports and entertainment created to be used inside moving vehicles. This content format allows developers a new approach to creating experiences from space adventures to the transmission of the latest highly successful films and tours of historic cities. Audi says there are unlimited possibilities.

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