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July 10, 2021
By Tom Collins

A tour of the virtual reality of your home or development: special visualization: allows important changes in the design

When I was in college; I remember a professor of business studies explaining how spreadsheets revolutionized accounting in the 1970s. Could a user explore “What if” scenarios where one could modify a number and see the effects elsewhere instantly? Now there is a technology that does the same thing to build. Imagine being able to “walk” through a large-scale view of a newly built property, or even of the rooms of a proposed extension, and experience what it will look like before laying a single brick. .

An Irish business Virtual Teic is promoting its 3D design modeling technology service, “Virtual Reality”, which will be useful for homeowners, builders, developers and architects.

2D plans and designs for a home or development can be turned into a fully 3D virtual reality model, allowing you to feel like you’re in the real building or looking at the place. No other system on the market allows a depth of perspective as great as that of large scale. Virtual Teic’s “virtual reality” offers the unique opportunity to get everything about construction just before the plans come off the page and start taking shape.

Examples of work done by Virtual Teic
Examples of work done by Virtual Teic

Virtual Teic co-owners Eamonn Gallagher and Paul McMahon spoke to

“Making the houses, living and working spaces right is very important: we spend a lot of our time in them, so it’s worth making the most of the space available and the resources available and that’s equally important if the plan is for a reconfiguration, expansion, or conversion of the floor plan of an existing building to a complete new construction. You may be an architect, builder, or developer with a lot of experience, or you may be homeowners or builders who want to create the home of your dreams, however, our “virtual reality” may play a key role in the process. It can be very exciting to work on these types of projects, but it can also be stressful and often involve real challenges. This is where we can help …

We can work with the plans developed by an architect and bring them to life with our modeling technology, so that a home or development can be seen in full scale 3D, through “virtual reality”, both internally as externally, and may even be shown located on your particular building plot if required. You can model the feeling of size of the rooms and their relationship to each other, distribution, kitchen and bathroom designs, storage areas, the scale of the building according to its environment, the internal flow of the space and even the interior finishes. so many details that can be included.

“Our intervention at this stage of the process can be a real catalyst for the project: more than 80% of people have no” spatial awareness “of the size of the rooms or the general area of ​​the interior of a house from the plans, and this can prove to be a sticking point.People may have trouble visualizing the design of the rooms, the windows, the doors and how they will look in relation to each other and the overall layout and l Therefore, exploring it in a large-scale 3D visual way provides invaluable information to help with the overall decision-making process, alleviate any uncertainty, and allow a person to objectively change the plans before real construction begins. Increase confidence in construction and save costly mistakes on the line. “

2D to 3D interactive model with 360O display

Once Virtual Teic has worked with the plan specifications, they can submit in person or email a link with an interactive, annotated 3D model of the building to navigate interactively.

A basic model or an advanced model can be requested. The advanced model includes interior and exterior views, as if you were viewing the building in situ. The link allows you to download the application to your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. You can then use your phone or tablet as Virtual Glasses to see every room in the house or urbanization in 360 °.

The model can be modified in response to any requested changes and, once satisfied with the design and final design, plans can be issued and sent to the architect.

Examples of work done by Virtual Teic
Examples of work done by Virtual Teic, which show a site proposed by Glamping

Helps with project information and planning

Virtual Teic has discovered that this 3D modeling can also help inform construction teams more clearly and help support planning applications. Through his ‘building in situ assembly service ‘, can build the 3D model into a real photograph of a proposed site, which can then be used to plan applications, advertising, to test the angular positioning of the building and also help provide greater viewing depth if necessary.

Advantages of Virtual Teic virtual reality

  • Interact with 3D digital models of your home design on your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Download and view realistic panoramic views of the rooms. View the actual view of the 3D model windows.
  • It helps to make decisions about interior design options. Even see the wood grain or the color of the chosen kitchen design.
  • It allows all owners, developers, builders and architects to have the latest tool in architectural technology at an affordable price.
  • An economic “added value” service that developers, builders and architects can offer to their own clients to help projects move forward.

Prices for 3D model plans start at € 400. The customer can view interactive models online via a personal link.

For a complete virtual experience, Virtual Teic can present 3D models of a project in person at their Donegal studio for free. Viewing at a client’s home, on site or at an architect’s office or at developer / builder’s offices may incur a small fee depending on the distance from our base. If you have or can access Oculus or Vive VR glasses, all models are virtual reality enabled. Photo: Clive Wasson

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