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Now you can experience life on the ISS like never before thanks to the collaboration of Felix and Paul Studios with TIME that brings images of space to virtual reality.

RV the filmmaker Felix and Paul Studios, in collaboration with TIME, have launched a virtual reality experience called Space explorers this is out of this world on the ISS. Other projects conducted by the Emmy-nominated studio include Jurassic World Blue, a collaboration with Universal Studios set in the time of the dinosaurs. The group also worked on a VR look behind the 360-degree scenes about Wes Anderson Dog Island, which awarded the studio a Sundance Award.

Space explorers is a fascinating and immersive look at how life unfolds on the International Space Station. It has been called the largest production filmed in space. The studio used specially designed 360 cameras to record images both inside and outside the ISS. The ISS-IVA (indoor) camera can capture up to 8k images and is specially designed for small environments and is also optimized for total remote operations. The second space camera is designed to withstand dramatic changes in temperature and other hazards. It is also built to be completely remote and attaches to a crane-like structure for added stability.

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To enjoy this immersive virtual reality experience, you can purchase it at Oculus Store for $ 2.99, where an overwhelming number of people gave the experience five stars. Just download the file Space explorers and buy the ISS episode from the add-on list to watch it on the Rift or Quest headset line. The episode is also available to participating local planetariums who will make use of the 360-degree shooting with their large dome screens. Similarly, the episode has indicated information about the distribution if a museum or science center wanted to air the episode.

In space, no one can hear you

The first episode of the series, titled “Adapt,” tells the story of a new crew that grabs the International Space Station and follows each crew member as they adapt to life in outer space. Most of the other episodes tell the day-to-day activities of the crew members aboard the space station, with the inaugural episode detailing how the outgoing astronauts prepare to leave the ISS. Other episodes reveal how astronauts train to go into space and experience the launch of a rocket from a private space company. The series has so far four episodes available for download with each subsequent release in the coming months after the previous one.

Others nominated for the award virtual reality include documentaries available on the Oculus platform Travel while black which immerses the viewer in the long history of movement restriction for black Americans and the creation of safe spaces for black communities. Another much-appreciated documentary includes Beginning after the war showing the destruction of a post-ISIS-occupied city in Iraq. The documentary shows users how easy it is to be injured by traps and improvised explosives. The Oculus Store is a place for truly amazing documentary experiences to truly immerse the user and Space explorers it is no different.

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Source: ISS National Lab

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