HTC from Taiwan joins the creator of Cat Art to present the virtual reality exhibition Taiwan News

Online exhibition “Step into Cat Art”, which can be seen on September 17 (HTC photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Yamamoto Shu, a Japanese artist known for turning the themes of classic artwork into cats, has partnered with HTC’s Viveport to present an online virtual reality exhibit entitled “Step into Cat Art “, which will take place from September 17. until March 31, 2022.

The exhibition allows visitors to not only take a closer look at Yamamoto’s art, but also interact with the kitten’s protagonists in works such as “Mewna Lisa” and “Kitty with the Pearl Earring”. In addition, Yamamoto’s “catified” recreation of the Sistine Chapel mural, “The Sistine Chapel,” which consists of 124 paintings, will be on full display for the first time, according to HTC.

With the same entry, visitors can access the exhibit freely through a variety of devices, including RV headphones, phones, and computers, and as many times as they want.

When the exhibit opens, Viveport will also open a souvenir shop that will allow visitors to purchase Cat Art souvenirs with traditional or cryptocurrency. The Cat Art Museum also offers Instagram filters for visitors who want to include their own feline pets in classic artwork.

Viveport is HTC’s virtual reality platform, offering virtual reality games, applications and videos, compatible with the Vive company’s VR headset and accessory brand.

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