Immersion Analytics wins first place in the Tableau competition by creating innovative immersive visualizations

BOSTON, June 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Immersion Analytics proudly accepts first place in Tableau’s DataDev Hackathon for its new development: “Experience Tableau data immersively inside AR / VR headphones.” (Watch the shipping video here: Now, Tableau’s global customer base can easily take existing data from the Tableau dashboard (without changes or transformations) and, in a matter of minutes, view, explore, and communicate it in augmented reality (RA) headphones. ) and virtual reality (VR) such as those of Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Facebook Oculus. The group of four judges from Tableau executives chose Immersion Analytics as the winner of a field of 458 participants.

A fundamental truth inspired our Hackathon presentation: immersive computing is the next level of visualization, analytics, and narration of data from hundreds of millions of business knowledge workers. Now, these knowledge workers can experience their “whole data image,” no longer just seeing small chunks of data at a time through traditional dashboard charts, graphs, and visualizations. The new Immersion Analytics extension leverages Tableau’s existing capabilities to help these knowledge workers better see and understand a more complete picture of their data and then make even smarter, faster business decisions.

“Most data has more than a few columns, although conventional graphs limit your perspective by forcing you to choose only 4 columns to analyze on XY-sized color axes. This translates into a geometrically large set. of plot combinations that users don’t take the time to create or examine, “he explains Bob Levy, founder and CEO of Immersion Analytics. “By reinventing data visualization through layers of numerous special effects as added axes and connecting this solution to Tableau, we have expanded the perspective of Tableau users up to 3,060 times. This results in knowledge and communication skills that would never have been practical. without our patented technology Our Tableau integration sets the standard for high-end business intelligence users who need to discover and communicate the most important knowledge their data can offer. “

The Immersion Analytics execution platform forms the basis of this new dashboard extension. Immersion Analytics runtime makes it easy for enterprise software vendors to incorporate valuable cases of immersive computing use as features of existing software and the solutions they already sell. Beyond data integration, immersive data visualization and data analysis, Immersion Analytics Runtime also allows you to collaborate in a multi-user virtual room through PC, SmartScreen, Mac, iOS, AR and VR devices that you have. Team members can interactively view and explore data and content together. Once the team has developed data information, the platform also helps the team communicate through portable immersive presentation documents, reports, or narrated videos that users create, save, and share.

For more information on how to leverage Immersion Analytics software with Tableau or to incorporate immersive computing into the enterprise software you already offer, contact us at [email protected]

About Immersion Analytics
Immersion Analytics enables knowledge workers to better see, understand, and communicate data through the power of immersive visualization. Now business users can simultaneously understand the dimensions of incremental data: generate valuable data information, discover new business opportunities and risks, and communicate useful information like never before. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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