Immersive artistic experience of Claude Monet arriving in Chicago – NBC Chicago

Tickets for Chicago’s new immersive art experience will go on sale in late June, this time including “a 360-degree digital art exhibit” of the work of French impressionist painter Claude Monet .

Details of “Fall: The Immersive Experience,” which premieres in the fall, may seem familiar to the Vincent Van Gogh Immersive Exhibition that opened at exhausted time slots in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood.

A 20,000-square-foot space includes two stories of floor-to-ceiling projections of Monet’s works, allowing visitors to “find the brilliance of one of history’s greatest artists in 360 degrees”.

This version takes a little longer with the help of virtual reality to “immerse yourself in Monet’s Impressionist art and enter the world created by his brushstrokes.”

The VR component is part of a special 10-minute experience component. “Walk alongside Monet during this peaceful and visually rich journey to discover the inspiration behind eight of his iconic works,” according to the website.

Although the site has not yet been announced, entries will be posted next week on the experience website.

According to the organizers, the experience is suitable for all ages and visits to the exhibition take between 60 and 75 minutes.

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