In Beauchamp, a virtual reality scenario for players

During the first booking in March 2020, a team of three people embarked on the project to bring players together around the practice of e-sports within the EVA (Virtual Arenas for e-Sports) space, in the municipality of Beauchamps, in Valencia. d’Oise.

Video games sometimes have a bad reputation. They are accused of isolating those who play in it. A cliché “The Third Generation Team,” which takes its name from the initials of the three people who made it up: Greg, Greg, and Gwen, chose to oppose it.

During the first reservation in March 2020, this trio embarked on a project to bring together players around the practice of electronic sports in the space of EVA (Electronic Sports Virtual Arenas), in the city of Beauchamps, in the Val d’Oise. . Whether they know each other or not, they get together on the same field and share the same hobby, instead of each playing in their own corner.

encrypted garden

EVA has an area of ​​2,600 square meters and contains two courtyards of 500 square meters each. This makes it the biggest game in the world. In these two scenarios, the players unleashed their power. The game session lasts a total of forty minutes. It is developed in three stages:Five minutes of demonstration, five minutes of equipment and thirty minutes of play‘sums up Greg, of the third-generation team. When players enter the arena, they step on a ground covered with a giant QR code and shoot at walls lined with encrypted surfaces. They allow for a virtual reality activity. Here, in this case, it is a question of reproducing the environment of the game in which we are immersed.

An image of a virtual reality stage in the Beauchamp EVA space in Val d’Oise.

© Bastian Minion

As for professionals, all levels come together. Beginners who wishDiscover and play with friends for those who come regularly to competeGreg adds.

It is a feature game presented: After-H, created by EVA France. There are no puzzles to solve or a complicated scenario. It’s about shooting game characters or teammates. After-H itself has several modes. Zombie mode is played in melee that beginners will traverse more; A typical “sniper / sniper” mode in which shots are fired from a distance; and the situation battle which is played as a team. There is also another situation, “All for himself. He is very physical. It is played in 5-10 minutes without moreGreg says, adding thisEven we, who play hard, will not last more than ten minutesPlayers can hide and protect themselves from enemy fire behind chests or other obstacles, as well as talk to each other.

Overview of the game played by participants who come to play in the EVA region: After-H, a shooting game.

Overview of the game played by participants who come to play in the EVA region: After-H, a shooting game.

© Bastian Minion

The only space on the Ile-de-France

The project is successful. Players, whether beginners or regulars, come from all over the Île de France and even from neighboring regions. At the same time, this electronic exercise allows athletes to leave the activity. Some predict success by wearing tracksuits. “There are two couples who come from the Seine and Marne. When they come, they stay 5 hours and come in sportswear. Then they run in zombie mode and they don’t stop “Greg adds.

In addition, although this practice has already appeared in other cities in France, the Beauchamps space is (for now) the only one in the Ile-de-France region and is currently the world’s sports arena. bigger. Also, the idea of ​​developing these types of areas is an idea.made in France“.

“Drinking with friends”

And after a game session? The old saying “after exercise, rest” applies. Players can sit in the Cyber ​​Bar, with 90 seats. “Even if they don’t know each other, when (the players) leave the game session, they have a drink with friends”Explains Greg. Mainly because ‘Team 3G’ has a 3 license, which allows the sale of alcohol. Beer, champagne, wine are served here … but also cold cuts / cheeses, pizza and desserts.

Cyber ​​Bar, where EVA area players gather after a game session to relax, drink or eat.

Cyber ​​Bar, where EVA area players gather after a game session to relax, drink or eat.

© Bastian Minion

The EVA space is located at Denis Papin Street, 3, in Beauchamp, as shown on the map below. It can be reached by car and is at a balanced distance from Montigny-Beauchamp and Pierrelaye stations.

It is open every day. Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 01:00 Saturday from 10:00 to 01:00 and Sunday from 10:00 to 22:00. You can reserve your place here. Please note that the health card is now required to access it “Like all gyms“Greg says.”We will lose customers now, but there will be people at the beginning of the course where more people will be vaccinated by then“, he thinks.

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