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Traditional shopping malls were created with the idea of ​​encouraging and facilitating social interaction. While the malls were previously the perfect place to hang out with friends and family, shop and dine at your favorite establishments. Today, shopping malls are losing more and more traffic and losses in stores.

Millennials and Gen Z are a population with digital knowledge for which social interactions take on a whole new meaning thanks to numerous digital platforms. The scenario of empty malls with empty shops is becoming more frequent, as we are now facing a global pandemic. With social distancing becoming a new normal, people keep physical interactions to a minimum and prefer online shopping with the growth of shopping platforms. Naturally, Covid-19 has changed the method of retail shopping, negatively affecting retail stores and mall businesses.

Virtual reality (VR) allows brands to design unique, innovative and immersive experiences at all stages of a customer’s shopping journey, from awareness and commitment to the completion of the purchase. The growing inclination among customers to browse and buy different products online offers brands the opportunity to capture their interests through interactive virtual shopping platforms.

VI-Mall by One VR Malaysia is a 3D shopping mall where shoppers can virtually navigate a simulated mall environment: shoppers can stroll through the mall, visit stores, check products and shop at VI-Mall online stores. Mall. This unique experience makes online shopping more enjoyable and attractive to customers. Shoppers can interact with other shoppers through the social chat feature available at VI-Mall. Entertainment will be one of the key functions of VI-Mall, where the long-awaited cinema that will be practically inaugurated in VI-Mall.

One VR Malaysia will launch its own virtual token called Token OVR. OVR Token will be the downline of all ecosystems launched by One VR Malaysia. It can be used for transactions in the One VR Malaysia ecosystem. The token holder can accumulate coins to appreciate the value in the future and the OVR token also serves as a means of exchange. One VR Malaysia will launch a number of ecosystems that penetrate everyone’s daily life and the OVR Token will play an important role.

VI-Mall is currently available for lease for traders to participate in the V-Commerce trend and investors looking for investment opportunities in virtual digital assets during this pandemic era who want to join the V-Commerce group .

VI-Mall investors will be automatically rewarded with the OVR TX token, one of the cryptographic token series launched by One VR Malaysia. In addition, buyers have the opportunity to earn an OVR TX token for their purchase through VI-Mall.

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