Increasing your IP portfolio is practically the only way to compete in RA / VR: intellectual property

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Increasing your IP portfolio is virtually the only way to compete in AR / VR

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After the COVID-19 pandemic strike last year, people around the world needed an escape more than ever. While most people were trapped inside to engage with family and friends about when they could leave, some explored a whole new world at home. Using augmented and virtual reality (AR / VR), people could experience nature around the world or drop into their favorite video game from the couch, an idea that was science fiction not long ago.

While many think that AR / VR is tied to the gaming industry — we all remember that the summer Pokémon Go spread like wildfire — the latest developments in this technology make it possible for AR / VR spread to various industries and become a more common part of our lives. Paired with the need for industries to adapt to the new modern mixed reality headphones, Hololens 2, with a focus on implementing mixed reality technology in manufacturing, health and education.

Read “Increasing your IP portfolio is practically the only way to compete in AR / VR”.

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