Infinity, the largest virtual reality experience in the world to date, has opened in Montreal

It’s an opportunity to see the vision that only astronauts can experience: The Infinite, the world’s largest virtual reality experience to date, has opened in Montreal at the Arsenal Contemporary Art Gallery in Griffintown.

Counted through a combination of virtual reality, augmented reality and projections, the experience takes users on an immersive one-hour journey aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

All in all, it’s an hour-long experience that includes 35 minutes of free-roaming VR, where you can physically walk through space with activated VR headsets, spread across 12,500 square feet of rooms. This is important, as most virtual reality means standing in a place or sitting in a chair; walking makes it much more unique.

Image: PHIThe entrance to the experience.
The Infinite / The Infinite
Image: PHI
The Infinite / The Infinite
Image: PHI

Starting with a room of explosive sequences, people are equipped with virtual reality headsets and can freely tour a room with other people in the same room. A huge 3D representation of the space station can be explored and users can choose to touch virtual reality orbs that activate astronaut stories. You won’t run into anyone as you walk; people actually show up on headphones.

They are then guided to a room (they still wear virtual reality headsets) to sit and watch the Earth from orbit with images taken from the ISS. “People will feel like they are walking in space, they see the planet, and finally they have this experience of the overview effect in a very physical and emotional way,” says Felix Lajeunesse, co-founder of Felix & Paul Studios, who collaborated in collecting the 250 hours of images that make up the entire experience.

Walking through mirrored corridors, the user will “land” in a room showing a triple-sized digital work consisting of an LED ceiling and a mirrored floor by Ryoji Ikeda. The Universe within the Universe, a piece created exclusively for the experience.

The Infinite / The Infinite
Photography: Sean resilience
Photography: Sean resilience

“Leave Earth and see it from a whole new perspective. At a time when international collaboration is increasingly needed, the lessons and human values ​​that guide each space mission encourage us to reflect on actions. which will ensure the sustainability of our planet Earth, ”reads the exhibition’s website.

The Infinite will run from July 21 to November 7 at Griffintown’s Contemporary Art Arsenal (2020 William Street). Tickets can be purchased through the exhibition website here.

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