InVeris Training Solutions acquires SURVIVR to expand its virtual and immersive training offer

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August 26, 2021 – InVeris training solutions, a provider of integrated virtual and fire training systems and services for national and international clients, announced this week that it has acquired SURVIVR, a private provider of immersive virtual reality (VR) training solutions and based in Dallas. for military and police first aid.

“SURVIVR’s first virtual reality police training system and patented technology complement InVeris’ recent research and development. It will be incorporated into our VR-DT solution to expand future capabilities, “said Al Weggeman, CEO of InVeris.” All police forces, large and small, urban and rural, need and deserve the most realistic training. This acquisition by InVeris reinforces our product offering to better prepare police officers for real-life situations in their community. ”

Brian Hoang, co-founder of SURVIVR, also commented: “SURVIVR’s virtual reality technology has been chosen by various police departments and the United States Air Force Security Forces. Joining InVeris allows us to combine the best aspects of both systems, providing a unique solution for existing and future customers. Hoang will also now serve as InVeris ’VR / AR strategy director.

Simulation training provides participants with real-world experiences and has been an important component of police and defense training for decades, according to InVeris. Combining its ‘BlueFire’ simulated weapons technology as well as its virtual security and VRS-DT training solutions with SURVIVR’s first response training solutions, InVeris hopes to create a new generation of immersive based training in 3D scenarios.

With the immersive training solutions offered by InVeris, instructors can use “dynamic branching,” in which the training scenario responds to a participant’s verbal affirmations and physical actions to lead them through several different paths during the training session, helping to create a wide range of responses and potential outcomes for treaters.

With the addition of SURVIVR to its portfolio of in-training training solutions, InVeris stated that it continues to build on its long-standing commitment to providing “effective, reliable and innovative products and services for second-party decisions. “.

InVeris did not disclose the amount of the acquisition. To learn more about InVeris and its virtual reality simulation and training solutions, visit the company website.

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