IriTech and Partron collaborate on iris biometrics for mixed reality applications

IriTech and electronic component supplier Partron Co.Ltd have announced a new partnership that will focus on the development of a camera module with iris identification and eye tracking functions.

The camera sensor will also integrate infrared (IR) LEDs and is aimed at supporting augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) applications that could be used in future metaverse-based applications. from companies like Facebook and Microsoft.

As part of the new collaboration, Partron will manufacture the camera module hardware, while IriTech will develop the iris biometric capabilities of the device.

“IriTech has possessed key software components needed for a successful AR / VR / MR device,” said Dr. Daehoon Kim, CEO of IriTech, commenting on the news.

“With Partron’s experience in camera sensor and optical design, we will be able to offer them in a compact and complete software and hardware package for optimal performance and cost.”

According to reports, IriTech’s patented technology is able to detect the exact edges of pupil / iris and iris / sclera for the generation and matching of iris templates.

IriTech has already deployed iris biometrics solutions based on this technology in several countries around the world.

Now, the new partnership with Partron will allow the biometrics firm to move towards new applications.

“Partron expects demand for camera modules for AR / VR / MR devices to grow exponentially due to recent large investments in Metaverse ecosystem from Facebook, Microsoft and the like,” Mr. Aiden Kim, IriTech CMO and Partron Vice President.

“Existing devices typically use eye movement as a biometric identifier to identify the user, but the accuracy of this biometric modality is not well studied,” Kim added. “With IriTech technology, our solution will surely enjoy the highest accuracy for which iris biometrics are known.”

IriTech has also recently won the pilot implementation contract for Sri Lanka’s unique digital identity, which will allow the company to deploy its biometric iris scanning device in the country in collaboration with the government of Sri Lanka.

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