Iron Man’s Godbuster armor is his ultimate form

Iron Man’s Godbuster armor was one of his strongest suits in history, as the Model 63 was said to have no upper limit when it came to power.

To stop a powerful Marvel Comics villain who tried to trap him within his own virtual reality, Iron man he called on one of his most impressive creations, the Godbuster armor, to stop them. Within eScape, a virtual reality world created by Tony Stark, the hero debuted with his Godbuster armor, described as “the ultimate weapon”, to ensure that chaos did not escape the artificial realm.

Apparently, Tony Stark has armor for every situation he throws at, as he spares no expense in creating powerful and elaborate pieces of technology to fight evil. The billionaire has worn famous armor ranging from his deep space suit, Bleeding Edge suit, Armor ends and suits designed specifically to stop his avenging comrades like Thor and Hulk. Most recently, Marvel Comics released a terrifying symbiote costume that Stark experiences, as well as a costume created from Darkhold that is a prison of body terror directly from Akira.

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Iron Man’s Godbuster costume debuted Tony Stark: Iron Man # 10 by Dan Slott, Jim Zub, Valerio Schiti, Edgar Delgado and Joe Caramagna. In the arc, Tony was trapped inside a virtual reality that he helped create as the evil motherboard tried to keep him there by adapting reality around him. Needing to escape the eScape and prevent real-world chaos from taking place outside of virtual reality, Stark attacked the motherboard, which had god-like powers. Stark struggled recognizing that he designed eScape and had no limits to what he could do within virtual reality. So Tony created the Godbuster armor to stop it.

Iron Man Comic Godbuster Armor

Tony would use the Godbuster armor to finish off the motherboard in an instant. Then, after reconnecting with his real-life body, he immediately built the Godbuster armor into real life. After completing it, he went to get the driver and used it to stop the mighty villain. Ironheart said the “power readings … are out of scale,” while Spider-Man notes that Iron Man was “Super Saiyan.” Even Tony’s evil brother, Arno, called Godbuster’s armor “Tony’s masterpiece,” saying he built “the ultimate weapon.”

After Ironheart reveals that the Godbuster armor radiates more power than anything he has ever seen, Iron Man decides to blow up the armor and self-destruct against his brother’s rival technology complex. Even Tony Stark considered Godbuster’s armor too powerful and dangerous for regular use and chose not to add it permanently to his arsenal. Although the Godbuster armor was only used twice by Stark in battle, it immediately demonstrated why it is considered one of the weapons. Iron Man’s the greatest costumes in history: one does not know how powerful he could have been with longer.

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