“It has to be more than cryptocurrency”

Everyone is fed up with hearing about how Covid has changed the way we work and socialize. And it is often framed in the negative context of fatigue by Zoom and the fact that the path is observed through TikTok or Twitter. But while most of us have lived 2D lives, there are others who accept what is called metaverse.

In fact, there are several metaverses. These are virtual worlds like Decentraland, Cryptovoxels and The Sandbox. Accessed through virtual reality headsets (virtual reality), these platforms are not only made to explore, but to spend money and make a living. Whenever you have a digital wallet full of cryptocurrencies, you can invest in real estate, set up shop or, in the case of Dublin-based artist Fionnuala Hanahoe Rowell, exhibit and sell your art.

Rowell discovered the NFT art scene (non-fungible tokens or unique digital artifacts verified by blockchain technology) earlier this year and soon put her work on platforms like Open Sea, which she says is ideal for beginners and Foundation, which is an invitation. not more.

Anyone can bid for the items on the list (no VR headsets are needed), but the NFTs are intertwined in the metavers because that’s how you buy and sell the land. Cryptovoxels is a virtual world where users can buy land and build shops or art galleries. Rowell sent a piece of art to imnotArt, a gallery that also has space in both Cryptovoxels and real-world Chicago.

“It was accepted and they had a virtual opening night. It was in March when people from all over the world were still closed to a certain extent, so it was very exciting to be a part of that, ”he explains.

“It was 4 in the morning, Dublin time, but I sounded the alarm. People walked around, watched the art and listened to how the prominent artist spoke. For me, that experience opened up the possibilities for me to make virtual spaces work and augmented reality as well ”.

He has recently created a piece called Sky Sculpture and, through the Foundation’s AR functionality, can be placed virtually anywhere, bringing the art of metaverse to real life. Rowell tried it at Dollymount Strand.


This writer visited the imnotArt gallery of Cryptovoxels. It is located in the popular Vibes district, on the corner of Avinguda Popular and Ideal Close. A good place to invest? Only if you have a large digital wallet. No. 3 Truthful Gardens, for example, is a prime real estate property, but you’ll get back 5.5 Ethereum or $ 18,336.62.

Is it a virtual property bubble? Well, this land was sold just 1.05 Ethereum ago two months ago, so tell me. Meanwhile, my budget extends to a virtual IPA, a $ 10 bargain for 20 bottles.

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