Lady Gaga’s ‘911’ video gets the virtual reality experience

Lady Gaga’s “911” video gets the CEEK VR virtual reality experience. The singer / songwriter is partnering with the virtual reality company to give a backstage look to the set of “911” as she celebrates her number 1 album “Chromatica” a year after its release.

The short film accompanied the third single from the album, and directed by Tarsem Singh, with images reminiscent of his previous feature film, “The Cell,” starring Jennifer Lopez. “She had seen the movie,” Singh explains Variety.

Singh explains that he and Gaga were discussing ideas for the video. Instead of reproducing that exact visual, Singh says, “I told him,‘ I know you like this movie, but let’s go in the opposite direction. We put you in red and make white sand dunes. So we did it. “

The video was shot in Valencia, California, and Singh stood firm to see the white dunes to highlight Gaga’s bold, vibrant colors. The sand where they shot was brown, but it “corrected” it in post-production. “The sand was brown and it didn’t feel right because we wanted a sorbet. I needed to appear in those colors. ”

It begins with the “Chromatica II” transition showing Gaga covered with her eyes blindfolded, lying on a desert sandbar, with a man on horseback in the distance. Gaga wakes up and finds herself surrounded by strange images, including a woman who resembles Santa Muerte, a Mexican deity who personifies death to take them safely to the afterlife. As the images get weirder, the video takes a turn. It turns out that Gaga’s character is about to die in a car accident.

“It will run out and give you everything you want,” Singh said of the experience. “It’s complete or fucked up.” When shooting this turn, Singh had two cameras in place. “I told the crew not to make any sound because I wanted to catch all the sounds it made. It went there and had a strong collapse and we had it in a single dam. I told him he trusted me. We got it and that was it. “

When the video for the single was released, Gaga said, “This short film is very personal to me, my experience with mental health and how reality and dreams can be interconnected to form heroes within us and in our around “.

From the new 360 VR experience, Singh says he expects people to embrace the technology shown in this backstage experience of the “911”.

The 360 ​​VR experience will be available exclusively at and the CEEK VR app, which can be downloaded on iOS, Android, Facebook Oculus, HTC, and more. It can also be viewed through CEEK mobile virtual reality headphones.

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