Live webinar: use the visual media of the times to attract students

In addition to articles, The New York Times offers photographs, illustrations, graphics, videos, and virtual reality movies accessible to students of all levels. Every school day, The Learning Network uses this rich collection of images to create new teaching resources that help educators bring the world to their classrooms.

In this webinar, the editors of The Learning Network discuss the following ways of using The Times visual media:

  • Find new perspectives and explore the world through virtual reality documentaries.

  • Create literacy skills, encourage discussion, and encourage creativity through our image-based imagery suggestions.

  • Activate critical thinking and practice data analysis by participating in the weekly “What’s on this chart?” discussions.

  • Strengthen your reading skills by joining our usual “What’s in this picture?” activity.

CTLE credit is available to New York City educators. All participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Register now to join the live webinar or receive a link to view the on-demand recording.

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