Live your feline fantasy with this VR art exhibition

Need the perfect virtual experience? HTC and artists Shu Yamamoto are hosting an eccentric virtual event with cat-inspired artwork.

From the 17th of September, you can attend a cat-themed art exhibition virtual reality in Viveport. The collection of eccentric pieces was painted by Shu Yamamoto, a Japanese artist who was commissioned to do an art exhibition honoring his cat. The man’s signature style takes classic artwork and replaces the theme with a furry feline. This began in 2007 after one of his children redrawed Van Gogh’s self-portrait with a cat. Yamamoto has since completed more than 500 cat drawings as artistic masterpieces. His book of cat paints was a Japanese bestseller.

People have been able to use virtual reality to access events for years, but during the pandemic it has proven to be even more useful. When the world closed, events like Burning Man or the Tokyo Game Show managed to stay open with online-only events and attendees can still enjoy it remotely via virtual reality headsets. Experiences such as going to the movies have also been replicated in virtual reality. You can even recreate the thrill of traveling inside the VR metaverse with apps like National Geographic and others that allow you to go to exotic places and interact with endangered species.

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The exhibit we’re talking about here is simply called “Cat Art” and takes place exclusively at the HTC Vive’s Viveport, where hundreds of artists ’pieces are displayed in four free-to-walk environments, one of which is based on the Sistine Chapel. . The artwork will include animations of various pieces, including cats winking or sticking out their tongues. Along with this event, a filter has been posted on Instagram that allows users to put their cat’s face on classic artwork. HTC’s Viveport team helped Yamamoto develop cat animations and audio details for different works of art.

An unforgettable experience

Following the recent trend, after the event, some of the artwork will be available as NFT (non-expendable tokens) in an online store. The works will be available for Ether, local currency or Matic. There is no information on the rarity of each piece of art sold, its prices and whether they will be unique. There is also no information on which works of art will be sold or whether they are new digital creations from Yamamoto. However, if you’ve ever wanted to collect online “The Kitten with a Pearl Earring,” now may be your only chance.

The event is available on HTC Vive using the Viveport app. You don’t need any RV headphones to attend, as you can also access the event on smartphones and tablets, but you won’t get a truly immersive experience without venturing into virtual reality. The event is also available in Oculus Quest, but you’ll need to manually configure Oculus to interact with third-party applications. Tickets for the event will go on sale starting Sept. 10 and will cost $ 7.99. The virtual gallery will be open until March 31.

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