LMI struggles to get on the Army Futures Command – Washington Technology vehicle

LMI struggles to get into the Army Futures Command vehicle

LMI is challenging the evaluation of proposals for a $ 240 million contract to support the Army Futures Command.

The firm alleges that the assessment was not done correctly. If the military had done well, it should have been chosen for the Army Futures and Concepts Center or FCC mission support service vehicle.

Booz Allen Hamilton, CAE, Janus Research Group and Valiant won their seats in July with a total of 15 bids submitted to the military.

The priorities of the Army Futures Command are technologies and concepts that need to be developed to ensure that the Army can dominate the battlefield in 2035 and beyond.

Some of the technologies Army Futures Command focuses on include virtual and augmented reality, multi-domain operations, and multinational interoperability.

The FCC vehicle has five areas of work: capacity development support; support for experimentation and evaluation; synergy support; Computer and IT management support; and Process of modernizing the order of futures of the army and process of development of futures.

LMI filed its protest on August 3 and is awaiting a decision from the Government Accountability Office on November 12. The company did not respond to a request for comment.

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