Louisiana School District distinguished by the use of augmented and virtual reality in CTE during the pandemic

The school council of the parish of St. Landry incorporates zSpace into the technical and vocational education program, awarded the “Distinction District” award

SAN JOSE, Calif. i OPELOUSAS, La., July 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Due to its rapid and widespread implementation of augmented and virtual reality (AR / VR) technology over the past year, zSpace, a Silicon Valley education company, is proud to honor St. Landry School Board a Louisiana as a “Distinction District.”

The school board of the parish of St. Landry is the first district of Louisiana to enhance your vocational and educational instruction (CTE) with AR / VR, including 200 zSpace laptops and teacher stations. zSpace features AR / VR technology built into a Windows 10 laptop and an all-in-one PC that creates an immersive, interactive experience where realistic content seems to “jump off the screen.” This is particularly useful for CTE instruction, as it allows students to do things that would otherwise be too dangerous, impossible, or costly.

“Nothing replaces hands-on learning, but sometimes we have to fill a gap,” he said Michael Carbenia, zSpace’s senior workforce executive director. “The Landry Center has done an amazing job delivering meaningful CTE teachings to students during the pandemic, and I know they will continue to use zSpace even when students return to the classroom. ”

zSpace can be used for remote, face-to-face and / or combined learning strategies. Dr. Therese Ellender, STEAM Supervisor for St. Paul Parish School Board Landry, accredits technology to keep the district’s CTE program intact and prevent students from losing ground during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“ZSpace has been a lifesaver,” Ellender said. “Our teachers have been able to teach and our students have not lagged behind. We are better positioned to fully continue our students’ education, better than any other district in the state. I am confident in that statement.”

zSpace and CTE a Landry Center
St. Landry Parish Schools has a robust CTE program that provides students with the opportunity to earn certifications in air conditioning, carpentry, automotive skills, welding, and agriculture. As an example, a construction activity can make a student study the components of a typical wall of a house. Using a stylus and special glasses, the student can practically remove the wall from the screen and disassemble it to see the insulation and the electrical duct inside.

CTE content is incorporated into zSpace units and combined with industry-recognized credentials, allowing students to complete assignments and build on their knowledge in zSpace or real life. In addition, teachers have the opportunity to customize content by creating custom videos, creating quizzes, and using zSpace synchronously or asynchronously.

Practical issues: bringing technology into the community
Purchasing zSpace units, learning technology, and distributing laptops and PCs to students and teachers was the first important step in the process. The district technology team managed the deployment, drafted a user agreement, and offered insurance in case a unit was lost or stolen. Teachers, tech savvy or not, knew they had to learn how to use technology for the good of the program and its students. Luckily, learning how to use zSpace is intuitive for both students and teachers.

“We haven’t had any issues with any of the units,” Ellender said. “I think it’s because students think they’re really great.”

About zSpace
zSpace is the leading evidence-based augmented / virtual reality (AR / VR) platform that provides innovative and hands-on hands-on learning to enhance achievements in science, math and career accreditation and technical education. More than 2,500 school districts, technical centers, community colleges, and universities use zSpace to provide equitable access to instruction for millions of students preparing to succeed in college and careers. A private company, with business support, located in San Jose, California, holds more than 50 patents. zSpace was named “Cool Vendor” by Gartner, Inc., “Best in Show at ISTE” by Tech & Learning Magazine for three consecutive years and was ranked two consecutive years on the Inc 500 list of fastest growing companies. Visit www.zspace.com or follow @zSpace on Twitter.


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