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READY TO RECORD Contribution – Multimedia and design students at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School showcase new podcasting and virtual reality equipment that will help maintain the current program and provide real-world 21st century education. In the image of podcasting technology are, clockwise, from the left, the elderly Camden Parsons, Bryce Garman, Breanna Hanlin and Harlee Barbour.

BLOOMINGDALE – Jefferson County Joint Vocational School’s multimedia and design students have even more tools to provide a true 21st century education.

Instructor Cody LaRue said her program now includes podcasts and virtual reality equipment to stay up to date and offer her students even more creative outlets. Students have a sound card and microphones at their fingertips, as well as two Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headsets to enhance design and other capabilities.

“I chose (Oculus Quest 2) because virtual reality used to require a lot of wired and wired hardware, but now it has headphones with external sensors and you don’t need to connect to a computer or need sensors in the whole room. testing to see if students can design virtual environments “. LaRue explained. “A lot of people bought these virtual headphones to stay social during the pandemic.”

LaRue said he managed to connect with his brother in Maine with his own headphones and was inspired to include them in his program.

“I was interested in virtual reality and this became affordable and easy to use. We need to access developer mode to create games and applications for Oculus Quest 2 ”. he pointed out, saying it even provides realistic street views of Google Earth and famous places and other scenes through apps like Discovery. “Educational value goes through the ceiling for history, geography and social studies and there are more applications for art, computer-aided writing and design (CADD) and architecture.”

The MAD program includes 18 juniors and seniors who acquire skills in graphic and web design, photography and media production through the use of programs such as Adobe Suite with Photoshop and Illustrator and Adobe Premiere for video editing. Students will use the latest technology to design three-dimensional spaces and create various applications and games, as well as virtual environments for podcasts. LaRue said plans are to upload podcasts every Friday while the laptop board allows on-site production.

“We want to create a weekly podcast and stream it to YouTube to discuss anything that happens on the JVS. We can highlight specific programs and interview students.” LaRue continued. “We are trying to keep up with technology as best we can and keep up with the popular media that is being consumed. This year we are increasing the advantage “.

Several of his students said they were thrilled to have the new equipment on hand because it will help them prepare for their future.

“I think it’s a good opportunity to learn different environments,” said Harlee Barbour, senior. “It prepares us for our careers in virtual environments and podcasts.”

“Working with today’s technology is exciting,” added Camden Parsons senior.

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