Maryland Today | Ten features not to be missed at NextNOW Fest 2021

Technology that makes the colors dance to the musical rhythm. Painting on water. And a “silent” disco party.

This year’s NextNOW Fest, a week-long artistic experience that begins today, welcomes the University of Maryland community to enjoy the arts in person and in a bold, unusual, and stretching way on campus spaces and beyond.

The eighth annual event extends to the festivities of past years and is a cornerstone of Arts for All, an initiative announced by the university’s president, Darryll J. Pines, in April, which aims to expand the footprint of the arts across campus and energizing collaborations between the arts. technology and social justice.

Presented and produced by The Clarice, NextNOW Fest features partnerships with groups led by UMD students, academic departments and community artists. Around 40 free performances, art installations and activities will be held in a wide range of venues, including the Brendan Iribe Computer and Engineering Center, Stamp Student Union, Tawes Plaza, Parren J. Mitchell Art-Sociology Building and The Hall CP.

Selia Myers ’22, one of the leading musical performances that pursues minors in art direction and professional writing, is one of three students on the curating committee of NextNOW Fest. For nine months, students have gained experience developing partnerships and working with full-time professional staff. Myers said this year’s event offers “something for everyone.”

“It’s really been a matter for curators to go out into the world to get creative practices that inspire us,” he said. “There are opportunities for active forms of engagement with the arts and technology, as well as quieter spaces for students and members of the campus community to reconnect with each other and the campus after so long.”

Here are 10 highlights of the festival that you won’t want to miss:

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