Meet five video game makers calling home in North Texas

From Doom to Words With Friends, many popular games and styles of play began in our corner of Lone Star State.

Here are five of the video game companies they call North Texas.

iD Software (hometown: Richardson)

iD Software was founded in 1991 and produced first side-scrolling video games such as Dangerous Dave and Commander Keen.

The company revolutionized gaming standards with first-person shooter titles Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake.

It seems that iD Software employees enjoy living in Dallas-Fort Worth and, in the authentic Texas way, even have some food and entertainment suggestions.

Playful Studios (hometown: McKinney)

Paul Bettner created Playful Studios in 2012. They are known for the gaming franchise Lucky’s Tale.

Bettner and his brother also co-created the hugely successful smartphone Words With Friends in 2009, which eventually sold to Zynga for about $ 53 million.

Lucky’s Tale was originally sold as a virtual reality game exclusive to the Oculus Rift headphones. Later versions of the game were aimed at other platforms such as the PC, XBOX and PlayStation.

PeopleFun (hometown: Dallas)

The people at PeopleFun are responsible for the hugely popular ‘Wordscapes’ mobile game series.

They are also known for other word games like “Word Stacks” and “Word Chums”.

PeopleFun was founded in 2011 by Tony Goodman and John Boog-Scott. Goodman is also the founder of Ensemble Studios, which created the huge “Age Of Empires” series of games.

Robot Entertainment (hometown: Plano)

Orcs Must Die is their most notable franchise spanning a total of four games. Robot Entertainment is also known for creating the Hero Academy and ReadySet Heroes game series.

Robot Entertainment was founded in 2009 by former team members of gaming company Ensemble Studios.

Gearbox software (hometown: Frisco)

Known for the popular Borderlands game series, Gearbox is also responsible for the hits of the 2000s such as Half-life Opposing Force and Half-Life Blue Shift.

Brothers In Arms is another popular series of games created by Gearbox. It has more than ten sequels, comics, action figures, a documentary and possibly a TV series underway.

Good knowledge!

If you want to learn more about the games and the story behind it, you’re in luck!

The National Museum of Video Games in the United States is based in Frisco and has a huge collection of games, video game consoles and lots of history to satisfy anyone’s curiosity.

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