Meet Moon, a short shot projector that turns textbooks into augmented reality-driven learning experiences

In a world dominated by e-learning, the Moon projector offers a hybrid teaching style, where teachers / mentors can project RA content onto their students ’textbooks.

Designed to make learning from home as easy and rewarding as being really around a teacher / tutor, the Moon Projector allows teachers to interact with students through augmented reality. The projector is located right in front of a textbook, superimposing virtual elements on top of the printed text of the book. Teachers can then interact with students across the Moon, underlining paragraphs, leaving notes, highlighting pictures, and even scoring papers in real time.

The projector comes with a pencil that allows the mentor to make digital notes in the textbook (which is then translated into the students ’textbooks).

The whole experience is even based on a smartphone app that allows the mentor and mentor to interact with each other, asking and answering questions and tracking a student’s overall progress over time. .

Designed to be used by children in an educational setting, the Moon comes with a simple design and a basic interface. The soft exterior of the projector helps it look friendly and accessible, while the large buttons on the top surface allow children to control it without getting dazzled or intimidated.

The needle, on the other hand, uses a touch-sensitive tip and underlying cameras to track its movement through the textbook. It even includes a microphone button that allows mentors to communicate directly with learners, sending them voice note lectures during the online lesson. All in all, the Moon hopes to make the online tutoring / teaching experience a breakthrough, offering a technology-enabled alternative to a whiteboard and a human mentor / tutor sitting with you and telling you your lessons. .

Designer: Soomin Son

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