Michael Jordan Cameo of Space Jam 2 was much better than a return of MJ

How Space Jam: A New Legacy managed his cameo of Michael Jordan is really better than any “real” Jordan scene he could have put together.

He Space Jam: a new legacy The “Michael Jordan” cameo was actually better than any real Michael Jordan cameo the movie could have used. After causing an appearance of the star of the original Cosmic jam, the film had a shocking guest appearance Black Panther i I think star, Michael B. Jordan.

Considering the first Cosmic jam it is a beloved classic, there was much speculation about how long the sequel would last when paying homage to it. Ever since it was known from the beginning that Space Jam 2 he used virtual reality to explain the Looney Tunes team to LeBron James (who differs from what happened in the first film), it wasn’t even clear if they would be in canon between them. Still, a cameo from the basketball legend was mocked by Al G. Rhythm actor Don Cheadle, who hinted that Jordan would appear in a way the audience wouldn’t expect. That promise was kept Space Jam 2 when Sylvester the Cat interrupted a discussion between the Tune Squad and LeBron James in the locker room halfway through the day. According to Sylvester, he met Michael Jordan, who would help them win the game.

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Instead of getting Michael Jordan himself into the room and sharing the screen again with the Tunes, it was Michael B. Jordan who took on that role. His arrival was a huge disappointment for both James and the Tunes, the latter feeling that the real Jordan was the hero everyone needed. However, what was perceived as a major disappointment for the characters in the film, was actually a pleasure for viewers, especially for those who recognized the actor. This is largely due to the way the film was developed and how the reactions of the characters were framed.

Space Jam 2 Michael B Jordan

Daffy Duck, who was the announcer, gave him a suspenseful introduction, only to find that Sylvester had made a mistake laughing at seeing Michael B. Jordan and thinking that the NBA star simply had. “aged gracefully.“It was a perfect moment that didn’t seem like a missed opportunity. Space Jam 2 Director Malcolm D. Lee has said he never approached Michael Jordan to appear in the film. Given what was finally worked on the screen, that makes sense. Jordan not necessarily need be in Space Jam 2, and this scene proved it.

Space Jam: a new legacy he paid homage to Jordan in his own way. The Tune Squad’s hype about the possibility of presenting himself and his appreciation for his basketball skills helped convey the idea that the movies are really connected. Not only that, but it indicated that even though they don’t mention it, Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, Daffy and the rest still remember the day. “Its airiness“saved them from being enslaved by evil aliens.

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