Michigan’s first free roaming VR center to open in the municipality of Holland

HOLLAND TWP. – The state’s first free travel hub for virtual reality games arrives in the Netherlands.

The business, Zero Latency, is owned by Zachary Rhoda and Benjamin Hulst. It will be the company’s ninth location in the United States, near the corner of US-31 and James Street at 2522 Van Ommen Drive.

“We want the best for Holland,” Rhoda said. “We’ve lived here all our lives and we wanted to bring the funniest pieces here.”

But there is also exciting news for the rest of the state. Rhoda and Hulst have secured additional locations in Grand Rapids, Detroit, Lansing and Ann Arbor.

“Until they open, this will be the only one in Michigan,” Rhoda said. “It’s an eight-person, more than 2,000-square-foot room where you and your friends don’t get caught up in anything. You have a backpack that houses the computer system and the helmet camera.”

With this equipment, Rhoda and Hulst can transport participants into outer space or a zombie warehouse, all without limitations of cables and delay times.

“Zero Latency works directly with Ubisoft,” Hulst said. “They work exclusively together and build hardware-based games and use some very expensive, fast-processing computers. The headphones have a tracking system so you can see other players without touching them. It’s very, very unique.”

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The system is also friendly for those who are not game-oriented, Hulst said.

“I’m not a big player and I came back four times,” he said. “It’s very exciting.”

The business will also feature Forced Dynamics ’first North American 401 cr. The racing simulator tilts and rotates, with an on-board computer, monitors, surround sound speakers and a feedback wheel.

“You’ll feel exactly what you would feel in the car,” Rhoda said. “It makes full donuts and you’ll hear every movement when this car goes at 150 miles per hour. It’s the first of its kind.”

Zero Latency is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. The nearest franchisee is Waypoint VRcade in Mishawaka, Indiana. Beyond that, he will have to drive all the way to Canada.

“Right now we are in the middle of construction,” Rhoda said. “We are painting and making plaster walls and working hard to make this installation as pleasant as possible. Finding the right commercial building was a blessing and the owner was willing to work with us. We are putting everything we have into it. “.

The duo plans to start rehearsing with friends and family in August before it opens to the public in September. But the real push will come in October.

“We will really be the headlines of the Halloween season,” Rhoda said. “There are so many zombie shooting games in virtual reality. Let’s run with this issue.”

Zero latency will be limited to teens and adults, as backpacks can be heavy. Rhoda and Hulst plan to focus on corporate meetings, team building exercises, and full-construction rentals.

“There are wonderful skills to form a team,” Rhoda said. “We would like to make it possible to rent the entire facility for your group.”

The average cost of a half-hour game session, plus setup, is $ 50 per person. Rhoda and Hulst hope to post more details as the business approaches its opening.

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