Microsoft’s Windows 11 can last much longer than Windows 10 did, for that matter

NEW DELHI : Microsoft’s new Windows 11 will only receive one major feature update a year, the company said in a message on its support page. “Microsoft will provide a single Windows 11 feature update annually, intended for release during the second half of each calendar year,” the release says. The company will continue to offer its “Quality Updates” throughout the year, which includes monthly updates that provide security bugs and patches. Feature updates are those that change the consumer user experience or add new features that may affect the growth of the platform in the future.

This could also mean that Windows 11 will have an even longer lifespan than Windows 10. Windows 10 used to follow a fortnightly feature update cycle for this platform. Switching to a single major feature update may mean that Microsoft doesn’t see too many new things to add to the platform in the near future, and therefore may have to further delay the release of a whole new version.

Companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple have also prepared for a future in environmental computing, so it’s not really surprising a delay in platform updates. Environmental computing includes computers integrated into surfaces and devices around us, with voice and gestures as the key means of entry, rather than touch, keyboards, mice and touchpads. Companies like Facebook have shown prototypes of what they believe these systems will be once augmented reality (RA) and virtual reality (RA) products take off.

For example, Facebook had introduced a controlled wrist-based AR in March, which could read a gesture directly from the signal our brains sent through neurons and transmit it to an environmental computing device. Assuming that Microsoft will allow Windows 11 to remain on the market for at least five years, it is possible that these devices will begin to reach the mainstream once the next version of the platform is released.

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