Mindbender VR Bar and Restaurant will bring New York Pizza and virtual reality to Tyrone

A new pizza and virtual reality bar is headed to Tyrone. The Mindbender VR Bar and Restaurant is scheduled to open at South Hampton Village Mall at 1496 GA 74 North.

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The restaurant and bar will specialize in New York-style pizzas and virtual reality games. Co-owner Tisa Kilpatrick says that as a native of New York, she and her husband, Victor Kilpatrick, wanted to combine their love of New York with their other interests to create a new unique space for good food and games. fun.

“My husband’s love for New York pizza and my love for technology is what sparked the concept,” says Kilpatrick, who also owns Up Top Slice N Ice in Covington. “Along with the pizza and a bar, we’ll be offering a lot of virtual reality games, from cooking games to zombie games and everything in between.”

Mindbender will have six or seven different pods, where groups or individuals can order drinks and food and can choose from a list of virtual reality games to play.

Kilpatrick expects Mindbender to open in September, so you should be able to go there this fall to have fun with virtual reality and a piece of New York. But if you eat a slice of New York in a restaurant owned by two Native New Yorkers, you must first know the right way to do it: fold the slice in half and always, always finish the crust.

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