Ministries launch an online exhibition on disaster prevention

  • By Sherry Hsiao / Staff Reporter

The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of the Interior on Friday launched an online virtual reality exhibition on disaster prevention.

The exhibition, which runs until October 10, aims to encourage schools at all levels to pay attention to campus safety, as well as the promotion of disaster prevention education, according to has reported the Department of Education Information and Technology of the ministry of education in a statement.

It includes three main sections, with 159 “booths” where government agencies, city and county governments and schools across the country have showcased their achievements in promoting disaster prevention, the department said.

They have incorporated elements such as technology, creativity and aesthetics into disaster prevention education and have developed a wide range of online activities, games and courses to promote disaster prevention education, he added.

Many schools not only promote disaster prevention education in a lively and creative way, but also serve as major promoters of disaster prevention education in their communities, the department said.

Jialu Elementary School in Fangshan Municipality (枋山) Pingtung County has developed a virtual disaster prevention classroom, created its own disaster prevention games, and used augmented reality in the teaching of subject, he added, adding that people can find interactive learning activities in schools. exhibition section.

In Sijhou Municipality (溪州) of Changhua County, Nanjhou Elementary School has developed didactic materials on disaster prevention in Vietnamese due to the demographics of the local population, the department said.

The National Fire Agency’s “stand” would have an interactive game on public disaster prevention using augmented reality, while showing off its customized system for disaster prevention-related information, he said.

People are encouraged to vote online for their favorite booth during the show, the department said, adding that the most popular booth would receive a certificate and a cash prize.

The Ministry of Education is concerned about the safety of all teachers and students, said the department, which continued to work to better prepare schools for disasters and, in turn, disseminate concepts on disaster prevention from schools. to local communities.

The exhibit can be found at

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