Mirage preview, kayaking has never been so beautiful and this is just the beginning.

Kayak VR: Mirage It’s like its name indicates a rowing game with a lot of promise. Designed especially for virtual reality, It offers the most natural and authentic means of movement and physically involves us in the game. It’s about rowing like we’re in real life. The feeling of motion sickness is almost erased, because our body does not move, only our ship and our gestures are the same as we would do in real life. As the game progresses High quality graphics, photorealistic limitation, and sail with ultra-realistic physics, which prides itself on being more advanced than it offers Ghost: Covert operations (Read our test).

Kayak VR: Mirage is an awesome and exciting journey through unique locations limited by realism built from scratch for virtual reality. Maneuver your kayak accurately thanks to the physics engine and immerse yourself in the contemplation of free mode or test other players in the standings with a race against time.

Subscribe to beta of the game and we put on our life jackets to start an adventure at the only level currently offered and … they slapped us! Kayak VR: Mirage delivers on its promises in terms of graphics. The textures I was already using Realistic photo display. was the address Developed withUnreal Engine 4 And take advantage of what is currently the best in terms of image display and light, especially thanks to the wide range of images and the texture of Pictorial presentation suggestion Quixel. Everything is awesome. In our weak boat we find ourselves, for an hour, in unknown land, gliding over turquoise waters inhabited by fish and birds with very real animation. On the way down, we saw a bird of prey that came to drink a few meters from us. The wind blows the trees and the leaves fall and there is diving. Then what to say about the soundtrack in the valley. It is dynamic, almost epic and invites us to travel.

We tested the game on our test machine based on i5-9600k The RTX 3080 16 GB at 3000 MHz. Our Oculus Quest 2 is defined in The frequency is 90 Hz and the screen resolution is 5408 * 2736 pixels (that is, the maximum capacity of the headphones). The parameters at stake are set to the maximum. Developers have made sure to integrate of the DLSS 2.1 To lighten our configurations and thus achieve the maximum detail without getting on your knees. What else ? Etc We keep 90 fps stable, but with a small movement space as a bonus. When activating DLSS (even when pushed to the highest level of accuracy), this margin increases by about 30%. Despite this, We were unable to maintain a constant of 120 fpss without getting caught in reprojection with DLSS enabled. It’s not really a problem.

DLSS is a technology that dramatically increases game performance without sacrificing “much” visual fidelity to the screen. The principle is simple: the image is calculated at a lower resolution than the screen resolution, which significantly reduces the graphics card, and then an algorithm updates it (scaling), with a visible result approaching as to much at the original resolution, and sometimes even surpasses him – her. Thus, the performance gains obtained clearly improve the fluidity and allow the use of greedy graphic effects such as ray tracing, without sinking the performance. This technology is only compatible with NVIDIA graphics card RTX models.

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The game starts on the main axis which is nothing but an Olympic poolFrom here we adjust the graphics, navigation and comfort settings to avoid seasickness or the river as you wish. It is completely possible to go kayaking in this space, but the most interesting thing is the adventure. Going down the canyon, in addition to being a pleasure for the eyes and the senses, is also for kayak lovers. After paddling for a long time on a battleship Ghost: Covert operationsThe comparison was inevitable. Still, we found that the ship’s behavior is better served Kayak VR: Mirage. The inclination and power given to the oar and its position in the water, as well as the fact that it is used as a central base make navigation safer and inertia more realistic. I am very happy to find this feeling very natural and perfectly adapted to virtual reality. The descent into the river was not painful, despite avoiding the rocks and logs. In short, an exit is almost as real as life.

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We also tested a file mode against the clock Aimed at experienced kayaks. We finished 14th in the standings, which isn’t bad for the first time. This mode is of real interest, because meditation quickly shows its limits and the player necessarily needs more. We asked the study about the competition side. was working Run individual competitive modes, but also collaborate to explore different environments each with your kayak or side by side.

Regarding the merger lifeThe show, while not over, is awesome! As a reminder, this is a technology that allows the player to overlay the game in augmented reality (watch our video on this topic here).

Virtual reality kayak book

Our first impressions: Good!

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We cannot fail to congratulate the work of the three friends who do not lack ambition and affirm their efforts, but also and above all thank them for impressing us. Yes, independent studies can. Also, they are not on their first try and are already showing meditation and meditation game with realistic photography: VR meditation. Still, it’s still too early to comment on the final content, but it’s still very exciting for the promised promises.

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