Muse announces the virtual reality concert “Enter The Simulation” for September 21st

Muse announces virtual reality concert

English rock band Muse has announced details of the new futuristic project entitled “Muse: Enter The Simulation”. This virtual reality concert experience was created in collaboration with the new Stageverse platform and application and is based on Muse’s performance in Madrid since its inception. Simulation theory album tour in 2019. Using the Stageverse platform, fans will be able to take the form of avatars to attend this concert with their friends.

Starting Sept. 21, this limited-time program will be available for free to Stageverse users. Muse released a teaser trailer next to its ad. The 40-second clip previews the exclusive performance, which takes place at Stageverse Stadium, Stageverse’s virtual venue.

According to the trailer, this interactive stadium experience will feature sixteen 360-degree immersion views. The avatars are shown watching the band acting in a pseudo-reality that is part of virtual life and part of Madrid.

Alongside the announcement, lead vocalist Matt Bellamy provided some details about this project. The singer says this project harnesses the power and message of his latest studio album. “Simulation theory it’s always been about creating experiences that redefine the human role in programming and technology, ”Bellamy says of the RV experience.

Stageverse co-founder and CEO Tim Ricker also shared his thoughts on the overall concert experience. Ricker says his company aims to create “a place where their digital identity and culture can live and thrive.” He thinks that by providing “a high-fidelity, premium and affordable experience,” his company will attract “advanced partners such as Muse, Balmain and Shantell Martin, who seek to provide a high metaverse experience to their communities.”

Muse was originally formed in 1994 in England. The group consists of Bellamy, bassist Chris Wolstenholme and drummer Dominic Howard. Since its inception, the band has received worldwide acclaim and has sold over 20 million albums worldwide. Muse released his eighth studio album in 2018. Simulation theory is a fun and entertaining album that features haunting synthesizers and dystopian science fiction songs.

Last year, Bellamy released a new solo single titled “Tomorrow’s World.” This song is a piano ballad featuring soft instrumentation and lyrics that explore themes of redemption and hope.

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