NASA: ISS astronauts use AR, VR on the space station; What are these?

NASA and ISS astronauts also use modern technology to help them while they stay on the space station, and they do so with AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) technology. Astronauts have been using them for quite some time, and want to make their stay on the ISS easier and help them with their tasks.

The International Space Station is a haven for all countries on Earth to come together, study and do their supposed tasks while orbiting the planet several times a day. Earlier, NASA mentioned that technologies such as the Microsoft Holo Lens have been used in space, which they used for space station repairs.

International Space Station: AR and VR uses

(Photo: NASA)

Astronauts on the International Space Station have long used AR and VR, and NASA says it is very useful in providing space for the people it needs. From repair needs to different experiments and research, these glasses have helped to further integrate scientists into their work and focus.

Not only was it used for work, research, and leisure, but the technology existed to film the daily lives of these astronauts under the “ISS Experience,” a virtual reality experience that would simulate events.

On Earth, AR and VR may be more focused on leisure and entertainment activities, and this is because humans can afford it, as they have time and space to do so. The International Space Station is known to be in hiding in a confined location and astronauts need to be accurate in everything they do, as it could be potentially dangerous.

That said, AR and VR are also used with caution and practiced with the highest possible safety guidelines to continue with their daily lives.

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AR and VR in space

AR and VR experience in NASA and ISS space

(Photo: NASA)

RA and virtual reality in space are extremely useful, and it is because there are properties or characteristics of these glasses that help solve everyday problems, even the most complex ones.

AR and VR technology is being used by various astronauts such as Scott Kelly, Megan McArthur and Soichi Noguchi to repair various space station needs. In addition, other astronauts have used it to simulate a “time travel” experience, something that is a concept of space and time suitable for the sky.

Most researchers and astronauts have focused on discovering new things that humans can know and study, especially because it is a different experience to the cosmos.

Should RA, RV be developed in space?

RA and RV should be developed for space, which needs to be done urgently, as the space race is advancing rapidly. Space tourism could soon be one thing and AR or VR can help them prepare for what to do, wait or feel once in the sky.

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