New leak of PS5 VR details from Sony’s developer conference

Two hands grab the next drivers for Sony’s PSVR2 virtual reality system.  In the background, you see a PS5.

Sony’s next-generation PlayStation VR controllers support internal and external monitoring and a couple of types of haptics.
Image: Sony / Kotaku

A video posted today by the popular VR YouTube channel PSVR without parole aims to have new information about Sony’s next-generation virtual reality hardware for PlayStation 5.

PSVR without parole claims to have obtained new information from a private conference Sony held on Tuesday for potential PSVR2 developers, the corroborated independently by UploadVR.

In accordance with PSVR without parole, Sony’s next VR platform is codenamed NGVR, for next-generation VR. (It will probably be called PSVR2 when it is released).

How UploadVR was reported in May, The PSVR2 screen will have a resolution of 2000 x 2040 per eye, which is a strong ground above the current most popular headphones in the world, the Oculus Quest 2. In addition, PSVR without parole suggests that the screen will use OLED display technology and support a high dynamic range (HDR), which can give it much more vibration, deeper blacks, and a brighter brightness than the more typical Quest 2 LCD screen that isn’t HDR.

The new kit is supposed to feature a 110-degree field of view, a 10-degree magnification over Sony’s original PSVR, and about 20 better than the Oculus Quest 2. with a slightly submerged mask feel. with pros and cons that Quest users already know well. (Hopefully Sony will control the glare and divine rays).

Perhaps the biggest news in May was that PSVR2 will have the ability to track eyes, which will make possible a much desired performance enhancement technique called feativa rendering. Today’s video suggests that PSVR2 will also feature another new technology called Flexible Scale Resolution (FSR) that “concentrates rendering resources in the player’s focus area” to further reduce the load on the PS5 hardware. It is not immediately clear how the FSR will be differentiated from the unknown representation.

As for things you can touch and feel, PSVR without parole corroborates UploadVRMay report that PSVR2 will have some sort of haptic feedback on the headphones to help reduce motion sickness, apparently through a “rotary motor.”

In March a The Sony block unveiled the new PSVR2 driver design, and noted that the new units will have sensors to track the thumb, index and middle fingers. Today’s video describes them as capacitive touch sensors that have an “analog” quality that will allow them to perceive the position of their fingers even when their fingertips are above them. PSVR2 will be able to use this data to guess the position of the ringed and pink fingers, which apparently allows for a more natural gesture to the game.

Finally, some of the most interesting news fell into the vine-related software. The claim is that Sony wants to move away from so-called “virtual reality experiences,” you know pretending to be Batman for 90 minutes, or swimming with whales for 10, in favor of a greater focus on “console quality” triple A games.

In addition, Sony is said to believe that the best way to achieve this is to create “hybrid” games that support both conventional screens and virtual reality, as Capcom did with Resident Evil 7. Apparently, the intention is to let the player download only the version you want to play, standard or VR, saving the download size.

In accordance with PSVR without parole, the event happened without any explicit mention that PSVR2 was compatible with PSVR1 games, which seems of little concern. The lack of compatibility with older versions of VR would be a big misstep, so I still hope Sony takes care of its early adopters. However, what was apparently mentioned was Sony with the intention of making a “big push” to “remaster” PSVR1 games for the new hardware. Curious.

The view ends by noting that there is no official date or release for PSVR2 yet, but details of the release will arrive in early 2022. If all this information applies, I think it’s still fair to say that Next-generation PlayStation VR sounds pretty impressive.

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