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Pune: As the admissions process has gone online from application to declaration of results followed by online classes, and exams and results have also become virtual, private and government universities have reported at least a 5-7% increase in students outside Pune.
Vice-chancellors and university officials have said that students from new places who had not enrolled so far, such as some southern states, Rajasthan, Punjab and New Delhi, have enrolled in their universities and attributed the trend to everything the system, from beginning to end, becoming virtual.
The principal director of Symbiosis Society, Vidya Yeravadekar, said they have noticed an increase in the number of registrations.
“Our registrations, as usual, come mostly from the northern states. Because of the pandemic, we were concerned that students would enroll in universities outside their home. But surprisingly more students have signed up. Our percentage of foreign students in Maharashtra is always higher. “
Symbiosis had conducted a home access test, so the university received enrollments from all the states of India, including Jammu and Kashmir and also the southern states.
Confirming the trend, Rakesh Jain, director of JSPM’s Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering, said students were taking advantage of the current mode, which was virtual.
“It could be the admission process, the teaching-learning process, the assessment and the assessment, and also the professional progression of the students at the end of the term, everything has gone to the online mode. In short, the admissions to internships in higher education, everything has gone online and has created a win-win situation for students and institutes “, he added.
All universities cited a 5-7% increase in outside applications. Jain said at his institute, students were enrolling in places they had not enrolled in so far, such as Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and others.
MIT Vice President for World Peace University Milind Pande said the university was experiencing this trend with students from all over the country, including Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal.
Pande said: “Visibility on various schools in India has increased during the pandemic as students and their parents discover information about schools that digitally browse their websites and videos and then make decisions. Those interested in continuing their studies abroad prefer universities with international ties.Last year we had also received applications, but Pune, which was a hot spot, many of these applications did not become admissions. But, with the softening of the situation and the university students who accept virtual education as the new normal, at least for now, students from all over the country are presenting themselves ”.
Pande added that students were selecting prepared courses such as data analysis, design, liberal arts, public health, biophysics, nanophysics, hotel management, machine learning, robotics, augmented reality, apart from basic and popular courses like engineering mechanics and computer science.
Last year, Ajeenkya University DY Patil saw less response from students elsewhere.
However, this year the university realizes that students want to consider it and want to enroll.
University vice-chancellor Hrridaysh Deshpande said: “Last year was an exception where many students took a break. A break is something they can’t take again. We see that the students come back to us and we hope that they think more and more in the same way ”.


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