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BALDWINSVILLE: We have four new technology kits available for payment at the Baldwinsville Public Library: a GoPro Hero8 camera, a Stop Motion animation kit, a mini projector and screen, and a virtual reality kit (only available to businesses and Baldwinsville organizations).

GoPro Hero8 camera kit

Create your own timelapse videos or film an epic sports adventure with a GoPro Hero8. The kit includes a head strap, mount, tripod, SD card and more. For help on using GoPro Hero8, visit

Stop Motion animation kit

This kit includes a Hue HD document reading camera, animal figures and an Animation Lab for Kids book. Instructions for using the Hue HD camera are included in the kit and can be found on their website, Following the instructions in the manual, you can download the Hue HD Camera video editor or use your favorite video editing software. This camera can be adjusted to shoot videos from top to bottom and has a one-click start / stop button that makes it easy to shoot a stop motion video with minimal editing. Once completed, download the video and share it on your favorite social media accounts.

Mini projector and screen

Turn your backyard into a unit or set up your own home theater with a mini projector and screen. You can connect your smartphone, USB, streaming device, laptop, and more to watch your favorite movies, TV shows, photos, and music.

Virtual reality tour kit

This kit is only available to Baldwinsville business organizations during the first year in circulation. Please contact the library directly if you would like to reserve this kit. It includes an insta360 camera, a tripod, a laptop and more. Use this equipment and this step-by-step manual to make your own journey through virtual reality. Check out BPL’s RV tour to get an idea of ​​what you can create:

Check out the GLP today to check out one of these kits in our Things Library. You will need to sign a loan agreement that outlines the details and rules for checking out these kits. These loan agreements will be kept on file, so you only need to sign one for each kit. If you have any questions or need help using one of these kits, call the library at 315-635-5631.

The Baldwinsville Public Library is located at 33 E. Genesee Street in the village of Baldwinsville. For more information or to register for programs, visit or call 315-635-5631.

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